Professional Azure SQL Database Administration

Ahmad Osama



As the cloud version of SQL Server, Azure SQL Database differs in key ways when it comes to management, maintenance, and administration. It’s important to know how to administer SQL Database to fully benefit from all of the features and functionality that it provides. This book addresses important aspects of an Azure SQL Database instance such as migration, backup restorations, pricing policies, security, scalability, monitoring, performance optimization, high availability, and disaster recovery. It is a complete guide for database administrators, and ideal for those who are planning to migrate from on premise SQL Server database to an Azure SQL Server database.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to provision a new database or migrate an existing on-premise solution
  • Understand how to backup, restore, secure, and scale your own Azure SQL Database
  • Optimize the performance by monitoring and tuning your cloud-based SQL instance
  • Implement high availability and disaster recovery procedures with SQL Database
  • Develop a roadmap for your own scalable cloud solution with Azure SQL Database


作為 SQL Server 的雲端版本,Azure SQL Database 在管理、維護和管理方面有著關鍵的差異。了解如何管理 SQL Database 是充分利用其提供的所有功能和功能的重要一環。本書涵蓋了 Azure SQL Database 實例的重要方面,如遷移、備份還原、定價政策、安全性、可擴展性、監控、性能優化、高可用性和災難恢復。這是一本針對資料庫管理員的完整指南,也適合計劃從本地 SQL Server 資料庫遷移到 Azure SQL Server 資料庫的人使用。


- 學習如何提供新的資料庫或遷移現有的本地解決方案
- 瞭解如何備份、還原、保護和擴展你自己的 Azure SQL Database
- 通過監控和調整你的基於雲端的 SQL 實例來優化性能
- 使用 SQL Database 實施高可用性和災難恢復程序
- 為你自己的可擴展雲端解決方案開發路線圖,使用 Azure SQL Database


Ahmad Osama

Ahmad Osama works for Pitney Bowes India Pvt Ltd as a database engineer and is a Microsoft Data Platform Reconnect MVP. In his day to day job at Pitney Bowes, he works on developing and maintaining high performance on-premise and cloud SQL Server OLTP environments, building CI/CD environments for databases and automation.

Other than his day to day work, Ahmad blogs at "dataplatformlabs" and has written over 100 blogs on various topics, including SQL Server Administration/Development, Azure SQL Database, and Azure Data Factory. He regularly speaks at user group events and webinars conducted by the Dataplatformlabs community. You can reach him on LinkedIn at "ahmadosama3" or follow his twitter handle @_ahmadosama.


Ahmad Osama 是一位資料庫工程師,目前在 Pitney Bowes India Pvt Ltd 工作,同時也是 Microsoft Data Platform Reconnect MVP。在 Pitney Bowes 的日常工作中,他負責開發和維護高性能的本地和雲端 SQL Server OLTP 環境,建立資料庫的 CI/CD 環境以及自動化工作。

除了日常工作外,Ahmad 在「dataplatformlabs」部落格上撰寫了超過100篇關於各種主題的文章,包括 SQL Server 管理/開發、Azure SQL Database 和 Azure Data Factory。他經常在 Dataplatformlabs 社群舉辦的使用者群組活動和網絡研討會上演講。您可以在 LinkedIn 上找到他,帳號是「ahmadosama3」,或者追蹤他的 Twitter 帳號 @_ahmadosama。