Mastering Malware Analysis

Kleymenov, Alexey, Thabet, Amr



  • Explore widely used assembly languages to strengthen your reverse-engineering skills
  • Master different executable file formats, programming languages, and relevant APIs used by attackers
  • Perform static and dynamic analysis for multiple platforms and file types
  • Get to grips with handling sophisticated malware cases
  • Understand real advanced attacks, covering all stages from infiltration to hacking the system
  • Learn to bypass anti-reverse engineering techniques

With the ever-growing proliferation of technology, the risk of encountering malicious code or malware has also increased. Malware analysis has become one of the most trending topics in businesses in recent years due to multiple prominent ransomware attacks. Mastering Malware Analysis explains the universal patterns behind different malicious software types and how to analyze them using a variety of approaches. You will learn how to examine malware code and determine the damage it can possibly cause to your systems to ensure that it won't propagate any further. Moving forward, you will cover all aspects of malware analysis for the Windows platform in detail. Next, you will get to grips with obfuscation and anti-disassembly, anti-debugging, as well as anti-virtual machine techniques. This book will help you deal with modern cross-platform malware. Throughout the course of this book, you will explore real-world examples of static and dynamic malware analysis, unpacking and decrypting, and rootkit detection. Finally, this book will help you strengthen your defenses and prevent malware breaches for IoT devices and mobile platforms. By the end of this book, you will have learned to effectively analyze, investigate, and build innovative solutions to handle any malware incidents.


  • Set up and model solutions, investigate malware, and prevent it from occurring in future
  • Learn core concepts of dynamic malware analysis, memory forensics, decryption, and much more
  • A practical guide to developing innovative solutions to numerous malware incidents



  • 探索廣泛使用的組合語言,以增強您的逆向工程技能

  • 掌握攻擊者使用的不同可執行文件格式、編程語言和相關API

  • 對多個平台和文件類型進行靜態和動態分析

  • 瞭解處理複雜惡意軟件案例的方法

  • 瞭解真實的高級攻擊,涵蓋從滲透到系統入侵的所有階段

  • 學習繞過反逆向工程技術





  • 建立和模擬解決方案,調查惡意軟件並防止其再次發生

  • 學習動態惡意軟件分析、內存取證、解密等核心概念

  • 實用指南,開發創新解決方案應對多種惡意軟件事件