Learn Kali Linux 2019

D. Singh, Glen



The current rise in hacking and security breaches makes it more important than ever to effectively pentest your environment, ensuring endpoint protection. This book will take you through the latest version of Kali Linux and help you use various tools and techniques to efficiently deal with crucial security aspects.

Through real-world examples, you’ll understand how to set up a lab and later explore core penetration testing concepts. Throughout the course of this book, you’ll get up to speed with gathering sensitive information and even discover different vulnerability assessment tools bundled in Kali Linux 2019. In later chapters, you’ll gain insights into concepts such as social engineering, attacking wireless networks, exploitation of web applications and remote access connections to further build on your pentesting skills. You’ll also focus on techniques such as bypassing controls, attacking the end user and maintaining persistence access through social media. Finally, this pentesting book covers best practices for performing complex penetration testing techniques in a highly secured environment.

By the end of this book, you’ll be able to use Kali Linux to detect vulnerabilities and secure your system by applying penetration testing techniques of varying complexity.

  • Get up and running with Kali Linux 2019.2
  • Gain comprehensive insights into security concepts such as social engineering, wireless network exploitation, and web application attacks
  • Learn to use Linux commands in the way ethical hackers do to gain control of your environment


隨著黑客攻擊和安全漏洞的不斷增加,有效地進行測試環境並確保端點保護變得比以往更加重要。本書將帶領您了解最新版本的Kali Linux,並幫助您使用各種工具和技術有效處理關鍵的安全問題。

通過實際案例,您將了解如何建立實驗室並探索核心滲透測試概念。在本書的過程中,您將熟悉收集敏感信息的方法,並發現Kali Linux 2019中捆綁的不同漏洞評估工具。在後面的章節中,您將深入了解社交工程、攻擊無線網絡、利用Web應用程序和遠程訪問連接等概念,以進一步提升您的測試技能。您還將專注於繞過控制、攻擊最終用戶並通過社交媒體維持持久訪問的技術。最後,本測試書籍涵蓋了在高度安全的環境中執行複雜滲透測試技術的最佳實踐。

通過閱讀本書,您將能夠使用Kali Linux檢測漏洞並應用各種複雜的滲透測試技術來保護您的系統。

- 開始使用Kali Linux 2019.2
- 全面了解安全概念,如社交工程、無線網絡利用和Web應用程序攻擊
- 學習使用Linux命令,以與道德黑客一樣掌控您的環境