Mastering Vmware Vsphere 6.7 -Second Edition

Martin Gavanda , Andrea Mauro , Paolo Valsecchi , Karel Novak



Key Features

  • Deep dive into areas like management, security, scalability, availability and more with vSphere 6.7
  • Design, deploy and manage VMware vSphere virtual datacenters
  • Implement monitoring and security of VMware workloads with ease



  • 深入探討 vSphere 6.7 的管理、安全性、可擴展性、可用性等領域

  • 設計、部署和管理 VMware vSphere 虛擬資料中心

  • 輕鬆實施 VMware 工作負載的監控和安全性


Martin Gavanda has worked in the IT industry for more than 10 years, mainly for Service Providers offering Infrastructure as a Service solutions based on VMware vSphere products. He was responsible for design and implementation of one of the first Infrastructure as a Service offering in Czech Republic and later on he has worked for one of the world's biggest Service Provider supervising thousands of ESXi servers across the globe.

Currently he is working as an independent Cloud Architect focusing on large infrastructure projects and is a VMware instructor. He has created several virtual classes focusing on VMware vSphere platform and he runs his own blog about virtualization and cloud.


Martin Gavanda在IT行業工作超過10年,主要為基於VMware vSphere產品的服務提供商提供基礎設施即服務解決方案。他負責設計和實施捷克共和國最早的基礎設施即服務提供,後來他在全球最大的服務提供商工作,監督全球數千台ESXi伺服器。

目前,他作為獨立的雲架構師,專注於大型基礎設施項目,並擔任VMware講師。他創建了幾個關於VMware vSphere平台的虛擬課程,並運營自己的關於虛擬化和雲的部落格。