Learn TypeScript 3 by Building Web Applications

DuBois, Sebastien, Georges, Alexis

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  • 出版日期: 2019-11-22
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Key Features

  • Create modern Web applications to help businesses around the world benefit from better quality applications
  • Learn the latest features of TypeScript 3 and use them wisely
  • Explore TDD practices, OOP techniques, and industry best practices to create high-quality and modular apps

Book Description

TypeScript is a superset of the JavaScript programming language, giving developers a tool to help them write faster, cleaner JavaScript. With the help of its powerful static type system and other powerful tools and techniques it allows developers to write modern JavaScript applications.

This book is a practical guide to learn the TypeScript programming language. It covers from the very basics to the more advanced concepts, while explaining many design patterns, techniques, frameworks, libraries and tools along the way. You will also learn a ton about modern web frameworks like Angular, Vue.js and React, and you will build cool web applications using those. This book also covers modern front-end development tooling such as Node.js, npm, yarn, Webpack, Parcel, Jest, and many others. Throughout the book, you will also discover and make use of the most recent additions of the language introduced by TypeScript 3 such as new types enforcing explicit checks, flexible and scalable ways of project structuring, and many more breaking changes.

By the end of this book, you will be ready to use TypeScript in your own projects and will also have a concrete view of the current frontend software development landscape.

What you will learn

  • Understand and take advantage of TypeScript's powerful Type System
  • Grasp the key concepts and features of Angular, React, Vue.js, and NestJS
  • Handle asynchronous processes using Promises, async/await, Fetch, RxJS, and more
  • Delve into REST, GraphQL and create APIs using Apollo
  • Discover testing concepts, techniques, and tools like TDD, BDD, E2E, Jest
  • Learn Object-Oriented and Functional Programming concepts and leverage those with TypeScript
  • Explore design practices and patterns such as SOLID, MVC, DI and IoC, LoD, AOP, and more

Who this book is for

This book is for software developers who are willing to discover what TypeScript is and how to leverage it to write great quality software. Developers that are already familiar with TypeScript will find this book useful by learning the languages featured introduced by most recent releases. Basic knowledge of the JavaScript programming is expected.



  • 創建現代網絡應用程序,幫助全球企業獲得更高質量的應用程序

  • 學習 TypeScript 3 的最新功能並明智地使用它們

  • 探索 TDD 實踐、OOP 技術和行業最佳實踐,創建高質量和模塊化的應用程序


TypeScript 是 JavaScript 編程語言的超集,為開發人員提供了一個幫助他們編寫更快、更乾淨的 JavaScript 的工具。通過強大的靜態類型系統和其他強大的工具和技術,它使開發人員能夠編寫現代 JavaScript 應用程序。

本書是學習 TypeScript 編程語言的實用指南。從基礎知識到更高級的概念,並解釋了許多設計模式、技術、框架、庫和工具。您還將學習有關 Angular、Vue.js 和 React 等現代 Web 框架的知識,並使用這些框架構建酷炫的 Web 應用程序。本書還涵蓋了像 Node.js、npm、yarn、Webpack、Parcel、Jest 等現代前端開發工具。在整本書中,您還將發現並使用 TypeScript 3 引入的最新語言功能,例如新的類型強制檢查、靈活和可擴展的項目結構方式等重大變化。

通過閱讀本書,您將準備好在自己的項目中使用 TypeScript,並對當前前端軟件開發環境有一個具體的了解。


  • 了解並充分利用 TypeScript 強大的類型系統

  • 掌握 Angular、React、Vue.js 和 NestJS 的關鍵概念和功能

  • 使用 Promises、async/await、Fetch、RxJS 等處理異步過程

  • 深入研究 REST、GraphQL,並使用 Apollo 創建 API

  • 了解測試概念、技術和工具,如 TDD、BDD、E2E、Jest

  • 學習面向對象和函數式編程概念,並在 TypeScript 中充分利用它們

  • 探索 SOLID、MVC、DI 和 IoC、LoD、AOP 等設計實踐和模式


本書適合願意了解 TypeScript 並利用它來編寫高質量軟件的軟件開發人員。已經熟悉 TypeScript 的開發人員將通過學習最新版本引入的語言特性而受益。預期讀者具備基本的 JavaScript 編程知識。


Sebastien Dubois is a passionate software craftsman and FOSS contributor with many years of experience as a senior developer and technical team leader.

He is an entrepreneur, IT consultant/coach, and owner of DeveloPassion, a Belgian IT firm.

Over the years, Sébastien has worked on backend systems, web applications, architecture, and IT security for various organizations. He has used different programming languages, which gives him a broad perspective on modern software development. He has also been using, teaching, and advocating TypeScript since 2015.

You can find him on Twitter as @dSebastien, on Medium as @dSebastien, or on his personal blog: dsebastien.

Alexis Georges is a developer who is passionate about software development, but also about everything related to IT: open source, system administration, respect for privacy, and many others.

During his studies in programming and networking, he learned the basics of programming and system administration.

Alexis has some experience in JavaScript, PHP, Java, C, and (obviously) TypeScript. He discovered the TypeScript programming language when he began his career as a software engineer in Sebastien's team. Later, he participated in the migration of the Stark framework from AngularJS to Angular.

You can find him on Twitter as @Super_ITMan and on his blog: SuperITMan.


Sebastien Dubois 是一位充滿熱情的軟體工匠和自由開源軟體貢獻者,擁有多年的資深開發者和技術團隊領導經驗。




Alexis Georges 是一位對軟體開發充滿熱情的開發者,同時對與IT相關的一切事物也都很熱衷:開源、系統管理、尊重隱私等等。


Alexis 在JavaScript、PHP、Java、C和(顯然)TypeScript方面有一些經驗。他在加入Sebastien的團隊成為軟體工程師後,認識了TypeScript程式語言。後來,他參與了將Stark框架從AngularJS遷移到Angular的工作。



  1. Introduction to TypeScript
  2. Building TodoIt - Your Own Web Application with TypeScript
  3. Improving TodoIt with Classes and Interfaces
  4. Leveraging Generics and Enums
  5. Coding WorldExplorer to Explore the Population of the World
  6. Introduction to Testing
  7. Discovering Angular, Angular Material, and RxJS
  8. Rewriting MediaMan Using Angular and Angular Material
  9. Introducing Vue.js
  10. Creating LyricsFinder with Vue.js
  11. Diving into React, NestJS, GraphQL, and Apollo
  12. Revisiting LyricsFinder
  13. What's Next?


- TypeScript入門
- 使用TypeScript建立TodoIt - 使用TypeScript建立自己的Web應用程式
- 使用類別和介面改進TodoIt
- 利用泛型和列舉
- 使用編碼WorldExplorer探索世界的人口
- 測試入門
- 探索Angular、Angular Material和RxJS
- 使用Angular和Angular Material重寫MediaMan
- Vue.js介紹
- 使用Vue.js創建LyricsFinder
- 深入研究React、NestJS、GraphQL和Apollo
- 重訪LyricsFinder
- 下一步是什麼?