Learning Path - Spring 5: End to End Programming: Build modern Java applications and microservices with Spring 5, Spring Boot 2.0, and Spring Cloud.

Claudio Eduardo de Oliveira, Dinesh Rajput, Rajesh R V



Leverage this rich and mature framework to quickly build and deploy production-ready microservices within the Java and JVM ecosystem

Key Features

  • Learn about the Spring framework by building three real-world projects
  • Master efficient application development with patterns, such as proxy and singleton
  • Use Docker and Mesos to build successful microservices

Book Description

Spring Framework has been the most popular choice among Java developers when it comes to developing applications for the web or for the enterprises. With its wide variety of tools and features, it offers a developer experience that is rivaled by none.

This Learning Path is all about leveraging those features to and developing your own line of business applications with hands-on examples. You will build applications of increasing complexity, such as a CMS app, a messaging app, and a real-world microservice. While developing these applications you will learn about Project reactor in Spring, Spring Webflux, Spring Data, and Angular. You will build these applications using standard design patterns in Spring which would help you solve common design problems with ease.

By the end of the Learning Path, you would be well equipped to develop enterprise applications on the web using Spring 5.

This Learning Path includes content from the following Packt products:

  • Spring 5.0 By Example by Claudio Eduardo de Oliveira
  • Spring 5 Design Patterns by Dinesh Rajput
  • Spring 5.0 Microservices by Dinesh Rajput

What you will learn

  • Implement REST APIs with Spring REST support
  • Introduce Reactive Programming and use this with Spring Webflux
  • Develop applications using dependency injection patterns
  • Learn best practices to design enterprise applications
  • Build web applications using traditional Spring MVC patterns
  • Implement caching to improve application performance
  • Handle logging and monitoring microservices
  • Manage internet-scale microservices using Docker, Mesos, and Marathon

Who This Book Is For

If you're a developer starting out with Spring, then this learning path will help you learn about the new Spring 5.0 framework concepts followed by their implementation in Java and Kotlin. If you are an experienced Spring developer, then this Learning Path will enable you to gain insights into the new features added in Spring 5.0.



- 通過構建三個真實世界的項目來學習Spring框架
- 掌握高效的應用程序開發,如代理和單例模式
- 使用Docker和Mesos來構建成功的微服務

Spring Framework一直是Java開發人員在開發網絡應用程序或企業應用程序時最受歡迎的選擇。憑藉其各種工具和功能,它提供了無與倫比的開發者體驗。

這個學習路徑將利用這些功能,通過實際示例開發自己的業務應用程序。您將構建越來越複雜的應用程序,例如CMS應用程序、消息應用程序和真實世界的微服務。在開發這些應用程序的過程中,您將學習Spring中的Project Reactor、Spring Webflux、Spring Data和Angular。您將使用Spring中的標準設計模式構建這些應用程序,這將幫助您輕鬆解決常見的設計問題。

通過學習路徑的結束,您將具備使用Spring 5在網絡上開發企業應用程序的能力。

- 《Spring 5.0 By Example》作者: Claudio Eduardo de Oliveira
- 《Spring 5 Design Patterns》作者: Dinesh Rajput
- 《Spring 5.0 Microservices》作者: Dinesh Rajput

- 使用Spring REST支持實現REST API
- 引入反應式編程並與Spring Webflux一起使用
- 使用依賴注入模式開發應用程序
- 學習設計企業應用程序的最佳實踐
- 使用傳統的Spring MVC模式構建Web應用程序
- 實現緩存以提高應用程序性能
- 處理日誌記錄和監控微服務
- 使用Docker、Mesos和Marathon管理互聯網規模的微服務

如果您是剛開始使用Spring的開發人員,那麼這個學習路徑將幫助您了解新的Spring 5.0框架概念,並在Java和Kotlin中實施它們。如果您是有經驗的Spring開發人員,那麼這個學習路徑將使您瞭解Spring 5.0中新增的功能。