Metabase Up and Running: Introduce business intelligence and analytics to your company and make better business decisions

Abraham, Tim

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  • 出版日期: 2020-09-30
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Ask questions of your data and gain insights to make better business decisions using the open source business intelligence tool, Metabase


Key Features

  • Deploy Metabase applications to let users across your organization interact with it
  • Learn to create data visualizations, charts, reports, and dashboards with the help of a variety of examples
  • Understand how to embed Metabase into your website and send out reports automatically using email and Slack


Book Description

Metabase is an open source business intelligence tool that helps you use data to answer questions about your business. This book will give you a detailed introduction to using Metabase in your organization to get the most value from your data.

You'll start by installing and setting up Metabase on your local computer. You'll then progress to handling the administration aspect of Metabase by learning how to configure and deploy Metabase, manage accounts, and execute administrative tasks such as adding users and creating permissions and metadata. Complete with examples and detailed instructions, this book shows you how to create different visualizations, charts, and dashboards to gain insights from your data. As you advance, you'll learn how to share the results with peers in your organization and cover production-related aspects such as embedding Metabase and auditing performance. Throughout the book, you'll explore the entire data analytics process-from connecting your data sources, visualizing data, and creating dashboards through to daily reporting.

By the end of this book, you'll be ready to implement Metabase as an integral tool in your organization.


What you will learn

  • Explore different types of databases and find out how to connect them to Metabase
  • Deploy and host Metabase securely using Amazon Web Services
  • Use Metabase's user interface to filter and aggregate data on single and multiple tables
  • Become a Metabase admin by learning how to add users and create permissions
  • Answer critical questions for your organization by using the Notebook editor and writing SQL queries
  • Use the search functionality to search through tables, dashboards, and metrics


Who this book is for

This book is for business analysts, data analysts, data scientists, and other professionals who want to become well-versed with business intelligence and analytics using Metabase. This book will also appeal to anyone who wants to understand their data to extract meaningful insights with the help of practical examples. A basic understanding of data handling and processing is necessary to get started with this book.




- 部署Metabase應用程序,讓組織中的用戶與之互動
- 通過各種示例學習創建數據可視化、圖表、報告和儀表板的方法
- 了解如何將Metabase嵌入到您的網站中,並使用電子郵件和Slack自動發送報告






- 探索不同類型的數據庫,並了解如何將它們連接到Metabase
- 使用Amazon Web Services安全地部署和托管Metabase
- 使用Metabase的用戶界面在單個和多個表上過濾和聚合數據
- 通過學習如何添加用戶和創建權限,成為Metabase管理員
- 通過使用筆記本編輯器和編寫SQL查詢來回答組織的關鍵問題
- 使用搜索功能搜索表格、儀表板和指標



Tim Abraham is originally from Oakland, California, and currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has been working in Data Science for 10 years, spending his time working at consumer technology companies like StumbleUpon, Twitter, and Airbnb and advising a few others. He also spent time as a Data Scientist in Residence at Expa, the Startup Studio that Metabase came out of, which is where he got to know the product and the founding team.


Tim Abraham是來自加州奧克蘭的人,目前居住在舊金山灣區。他在數據科學領域工作已有10年的經驗,曾在StumbleUpon、Twitter和Airbnb等消費科技公司工作,並為其他一些公司提供顧問服務。他還曾在Expa擔任數據科學家,Expa是Metabase的母公司,他在那裡認識了這個產品和創始團隊。


Table of Contents

  1. Overview of Metabase
  2. Hosting Metabase on AWS
  3. Setting Up Metabase
  4. Connecting to Databases
  5. Building Your Data Model
  6. Creating Questions
  7. Creating Visualizations
  8. Building Dashboards, Pulses, and Collections
  9. Using the SQL Console
  10. Advanced Features, Getting Help, and Contributing



1. Metabase 概述
2. 在 AWS 上託管 Metabase
3. 設置 Metabase
4. 連接到資料庫
5. 建立資料模型
6. 創建問題
7. 創建視覺化圖表
8. 建立儀表板、脈衝和集合
9. 使用 SQL 控制台
10. 高級功能、獲取幫助和貢獻