Accelerating Server-Side Development with Fastify: A comprehensive guide to API development for building a scalable backend for your web apps

Spigolon, Manuel, Sinik, Maksim, Collina, Matteo

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  • 出版日期: 2023-06-09
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  • ISBN: 1800563582
  • ISBN-13: 9781800563582
  • 相關分類: JVM 語言
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Learn to build faster web applications by implementing maintainable and pluggable APIs with Fastify

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Key Features

  • Written by Fastify's core contributors to help you adopt the Fastify mindset for API development
  • Gain an architectural overview of Fastify's microservices development capabilities and features
  • Build complete apps in Fastify, from application design to production

Book Description

This book is a complete guide to server-side app development in Fastify, written by the core contributors of this highly performant plugin-based web framework. Throughout the book, you'll discover how it fosters code reuse, thereby improving your time to market.

Starting with an introduction to Fastify's fundamental concepts, this guide will lead you through the development of a real-world project while providing in-depth explanations of advanced topics to prepare you to build highly maintainable and scalable backend applications. The book offers comprehensive guidance on how to design, develop, and deploy RESTful applications, including detailed instructions for building reusable components that can be leveraged across multiple projects. The book presents guidelines for creating efficient, reliable, and easy-to-maintain real-world applications. It also offers practical advice on best practices, design patterns, and how to avoid common pitfalls encountered by developers while building backend applications.

By following these guidelines and recommendations, you'll be able to confidently design, implement, deploy, and maintain an application written in Fastify, and develop plugins and APIs to contribute to the Fastify and open source communities.

What you will learn

  • Explore the encapsulation techniques implemented by Fastify
  • Understand how to deploy, monitor, and handle errors in a running Fastify instance
  • Organize the project structure and implement a microservices architecture
  • Explore Fastify's core features such as code reuse, runtime speed, and much more
  • Discover best practices for implementing Fastify in real-world RESTful apps
  • Understand advanced backend development concepts such as performance monitoring and logging

Who this book is for

This book is for mid to expert-level backend web developers who have already used other backend web frameworks and are familiar with HTTP protocol and its peculiarities. Developers looking to migrate to Fastify, evaluate its suitability for their next project, avoid architecture pitfalls, and build highly responsive and maintainable API servers will also find this book useful. The book assumes knowledge of JavaScript programming, Node.js, and backend development.





- 由Fastify的核心貢獻者撰寫,幫助您採用Fastify的API開發思維
- 獲得Fastify微服務開發能力和功能的架構概述
- 從應用程序設計到生產,使用Fastify構建完整的應用程序






- 探索Fastify實現的封裝技術
- 了解如何在運行中的Fastify實例中部署、監控和處理錯誤
- 組織項目結構並實施微服務架構
- 探索Fastify的核心功能,如代碼重用、運行時速度等等
- 發現在真實世界的RESTful應用程序中實施Fastify的最佳實踐
- 了解高級後端開發概念,如性能監控和日誌記錄



  1. What is Fastify?
  2. The Plugin System and the Boot Process
  3. Working with Routes
  4. Exploring Hooks
  5. Exploring Validation and Serialization
  6. Project Structure and Configuration Management
  7. Building a RESTful API
  8. Authentication, Authorization, and File Handling
  9. Application Testing
  10. Deployment and Process monitoring for a healthy application
  11. Meaningful Application logging
  12. From a Monolith to Microservices
  13. Performance Assessment and Improvement
  14. Developing a GraphQL API
  15. Type-Safe Fastify


- 什麼是Fastify?
- 插件系統和啟動過程
- 處理路由
- 探索Hooks
- 驗證和序列化
- 專案結構和配置管理
- 建立一個RESTful API
- 認證、授權和檔案處理
- 應用程式測試
- 部署和監控以維持應用程式健康
- 有意義的應用程式日誌
- 從單體架構到微服務
- 效能評估和改進
- 開發GraphQL API
- 安全的Fastify