Mastering Active Directory - Third Edition

Dishan Francis

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Key Features

  • Design and update your identity infrastructure by utilizing the latest Active Directory features and core capabilities
  • Overcome migration challenges as you update to Active Directory Domain Services 2022
  • Establish a strong identity foundation in the cloud by consolidating secure access

Book Description

Mastering Active Directory, Third Edition is a comprehensive guide for Information Technology professionals looking to improve their knowledge about MS Windows Active Directory Domain Service. The book will help you to use identity elements effectively and manage your organization's infrastructure in a secure and efficient way. This third edition has been fully updated to reflect the importance of cloud-based strong authentication and other tactics to protect identity infrastructure from emerging security threats.

Mastering Active Directory, Third Edition provides extensive coverage of AD Domain Services and helps you explore their capabilities as you update to Windows Server 2022. This book will also teach you how to extend on-premises identity presence to cloud via Azure AD hybrid setup. By the end of this Microsoft Active Directory book, you'll feel confident in your ability to design, plan, deploy, protect, and troubleshoot your enterprise identity infrastructure.

What you will learn

  • Install, protect, and manage Active Directory Domain Services (Windows Server 2022)
  • Design your hybrid identity by evaluating business and technology requirements
  • Automate administrative tasks in Active Directory using Windows PowerShell 7.x
  • Protect sensitive data in a hybrid environment using Azure Information Protection
  • Learn about Flexible Single Master Operation (FSMO) roles and their placement
  • Manage directory objects effectively using administrative tools and PowerShell
  • Centrally maintain the state of user and computer configuration by using Group Policies
  • Harden your Active Directory using security best practices

Who this book is for

If you are an Active Directory administrator, system administrator, or IT professional who has basic knowledge of Active Directory and is looking to become an expert in this topic, this book is for you.

You need to have some experience of working with Active Directory to make the most of this book.



  • 利用最新的Active Directory功能和核心能力設計和更新身份基礎架構

  • 在升級到Active Directory Domain Services 2022時克服遷移挑戰

  • 通過整合安全訪問在雲端建立強大的身份基礎


《精通Active Directory,第三版》是一本針對資訊技術專業人士的綜合指南,旨在提升他們對MS Windows Active Directory Domain Service的知識。本書將幫助您有效地使用身份元素,以安全高效的方式管理組織的基礎架構。本第三版已全面更新,以反映基於雲端的強大身份驗證和其他保護身份基礎架構免受新興安全威脅的策略的重要性。

《精通Active Directory,第三版》廣泛介紹了AD Domain Services的功能,並在您升級到Windows Server 2022時幫助您探索其能力。本書還將教您如何通過Azure AD混合設置將本地身份存在擴展到雲端。通過閱讀本書,您將對設計、規劃、部署、保護和疑難排解企業身份基礎架構充滿信心。


  • 安裝、保護和管理Active Directory Domain Services(Windows Server 2022)

  • 通過評估業務和技術需求來設計混合身份

  • 使用Windows PowerShell 7.x自動化Active Directory的管理任務

  • 使用Azure Information Protection在混合環境中保護敏感數據

  • 了解靈活單主操作(FSMO)角色及其位置

  • 使用管理工具和PowerShell有效地管理目錄對象

  • 通過使用群組策略集中維護用戶和計算機配置的狀態

  • 使用安全最佳實踐加固您的Active Directory


如果您是Active Directory管理員、系統管理員或IT專業人士,並且具備基本的Active Directory知識,並希望成為該領域的專家,那麼本書適合您。

您需要具備一些與Active Directory的工作經驗,才能充分利用本書的內容。


Dishan Francis is an IT professional with over 15 years of experience. He was a six-time Microsoft MVP in enterprise mobility before he joined Microsoft UK as a security consultant. He has maintained the RebelAdmin technology blog over the years, with lots of useful articles that focus on on-premises Active Directory services and Azure Active Directory. He has also written for other Microsoft-managed blogs such as canitpro and ITopsTalk. When it comes to managing innovative identity infrastructure solutions to improve system stability, efficiency, and security, his level of knowledge and experience places him among the very best in the field.


Dishan Francis是一位擁有超過15年經驗的IT專業人士。在加入Microsoft UK擔任安全顧問之前,他曾六次獲得Microsoft MVP(最有價值專家)企業移動性獎項。多年來,他一直維護著RebelAdmin技術部落格,該部落格有許多有用的文章,專注於本地Active Directory服務和Azure Active Directory。他還為其他由Microsoft管理的部落格撰寫文章,如canitpro和ITopsTalk。在管理創新的身份基礎架構解決方案以提高系統穩定性、效率和安全性方面,他的知識水平和經驗使他成為該領域中最優秀的專家之一。


Table of Contents

  1. Active Directory Fundamentals
  2. Active Directory Domain Services 2022
  3. Designing an Active Directory Infrastructure
  4. Active Directory Domain Name System
  5. Placing Operations Master Roles
  6. Migrating to Active Directory 2022
  7. Managing Active Directory Objects
  8. Managing Users, Groups, and Devices
  9. Designing the OU Structure
  10. Managing Group Policies
  11. Active Directory Services - Part 1
  12. Active Directory Services - Part 2
  13. Active Directory Certificate Services
  14. Active Directory Federation Services
  15. Active Directory Rights Management Services
  16. Active Directory Security Best Practices
  17. Advanced AD Management with PowerShell
  18. Hybrid Identity
  19. Active Directory Audit and Monitoring
  20. Bonus Chapter: Active Directory Troubleshooting
  21. Bonus Chapter: Appendix A, References



  1. Active Directory基礎知識

  2. Active Directory Domain Services 2022

  3. 設計Active Directory基礎架構

  4. Active Directory域名系統

  5. 配置操作主控角色

  6. 遷移至Active Directory 2022

  7. 管理Active Directory對象

  8. 管理使用者、群組和設備

  9. 設計OU結構

  10. 管理群組策略

  11. Active Directory服務-第1部分

  12. Active Directory服務-第2部分

  13. Active Directory憑證服務

  14. Active Directory聯合身份驗證服務

  15. Active Directory權限管理服務

  16. Active Directory安全最佳實踐

  17. 使用PowerShell進行高級AD管理

  18. 混合身份

  19. Active Directory審計和監控

  20. 附加章節:Active Directory故障排除

  21. 附加章節:附錄A,參考資料