Effortless Cloud-Native App Development Using Skaffold: Simplify the development and deployment of cloud-native Spring Boot applications on Kubernetes

Choudhary, Ashish

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  • 出版日期: 2021-10-15
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  • ISBN: 1801077118
  • ISBN-13: 9781801077118
  • 相關分類: KubernetesJava 相關技術
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A practical guide to solving inner development loop problems in cloud-native applications by automating build, push, and deploy boilerplate using Skaffold

Key Features:

  • Learn how to build and deploy cloud-native applications quickly with Kubernetes
  • Create a production-ready continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline for cloud-native apps
  • Discover ways to create a GitOps-style CD workflow for cloud-native applications

Book Description:

Kubernetes has become the de facto standard for container orchestration, drastically improving how we deploy and manage cloud-native apps. Although it has simplified the lives of support professionals, we cannot say the same for developers who need to be equipped with better tools to increase productivity. An automated workflow that solves a wide variety of problems that every developer faces can make all the difference!

Enter Skaffold - a command-line tool that automates the build, push, and deploy steps for Kubernetes applications.

This book is divided into three parts, starting with common challenges encountered by developers in building apps with Kubernetes. The second part covers Skaffold features, its architecture, supported container image builders, and more. In the last part, you'll focus on practical implementation, learning how to deploy Spring Boot apps to cloud platforms such as Google Cloud Platform (GCP) using Skaffold. You'll also create CI/CD pipelines for your cloud-native apps with Skaffold. Although the examples covered in this book are written in Java and Spring Boot, the techniques can be applied to apps built using other technologies too.

By the end of this Skaffold book, you'll develop skills that will help accelerate your inner development loop and be able to build and deploy your apps to the Kubernetes cluster with Skaffold.

What You Will Learn:

  • Overcome challenges faced while working in an inner development loop using Skaffold
  • Accelerate your development workflow using Skaffold
  • Understand Skaffold's architecture, internal working, and supported CLI commands
  • Build and deploy containers to Kubernetes using the Skaffold CLI and Cloud Code
  • Deploy Spring Boot applications to fully managed Kubernetes services such as Google Kubernetes Engine using Skaffold
  • Explore best practices for developing an app with Skaffold
  • Avoid common pitfalls when developing cloud-native apps with Skaffold in Kubernetes

Who this book is for:

Cloud-native application developers, software engineers working with Kubernetes, and DevOps professionals who are looking for a solution to simplify and improve their software development life cycle will find this book useful. Beginner-level knowledge of Docker, Kubernetes, and the container ecosystem is required to get started with this book.


《使用 Skaffold 自動化建置、推送和部署範本,解決雲原生應用程式內部開發迴圈問題的實用指南》

- 學習如何快速建置和部署雲原生應用程式
- 建立適用於雲原生應用程式的生產就緒持續整合和持續交付(CI/CD)流程
- 探索為雲原生應用程式建立 GitOps 風格的持續交付工作流程

Kubernetes 已成為容器編排的事實標準,大幅改善了我們部署和管理雲原生應用程式的方式。儘管它簡化了支援專業人員的工作,但對於需要提高生產力的開發人員而言,我們無法說相同的話。一個自動化的工作流程可以解決開發人員面臨的各種問題,這可能會帶來重大差異!

Skaffold 是一個命令行工具,可自動化 Kubernetes 應用程式的建置、推送和部署步驟。

本書分為三個部分,首先介紹開發人員在使用 Kubernetes 建置應用程式時遇到的常見挑戰。第二部分介紹 Skaffold 的功能、架構、支援的容器映像檔建置工具等。在最後一部分中,您將著重於實際實施,學習如何使用 Skaffold 將 Spring Boot 應用程式部署到 Google Cloud Platform(GCP)等雲平台。您還將使用 Skaffold 為雲原生應用程式建立 CI/CD 流程。儘管本書中的示例是使用 Java 和 Spring Boot 編寫的,但這些技術也可以應用於使用其他技術構建的應用程式。

通過閱讀本書,您將學習到能夠加速內部開發迴圈的技能,並能夠使用 Skaffold 建置和部署應用程式到 Kubernetes 叢集。

- 使用 Skaffold 克服在內部開發迴圈中遇到的挑戰
- 使用 Skaffold 加速開發工作流程
- 了解 Skaffold 的架構、內部運作和支援的命令行指令
- 使用 Skaffold CLI 和 Cloud Code 建置和部署容器到 Kubernetes
- 使用 Skaffold 將 Spring Boot 應用程式部署到完全管理的 Kubernetes 服務,如 Google Kubernetes Engine
- 探索使用 Skaffold 開發應用程式的最佳實踐
- 在 Kubernetes 中使用 Skaffold 開發雲原生應用程式時避免常見問題

- 雲原生應用程式開發人員
- 與 Kubernetes 一起工作的軟體工程師
- 希望簡化和改善軟體開發生命週期的 DevOps 專業人員
- 開始閱讀本書需要具備 Docker、Kubernetes 和容器生態系統的初級知識。