Enterprise DevOps for Architects: Leverage AIOps and DevSecOps for secure digital transformation

Mulder, Jeroen

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  • 出版日期: 2021-10-07
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An architect's guide to designing, implementing, and integrating DevOps in the enterprise

Key Features:

  • Design a DevOps architecture that is aligned with the overall enterprise architecture
  • Design systems that are ready for AIOps and make the move toward NoOps
  • Architect and implement DevSecOps pipelines, securing the DevOps enterprise

Book Description:

Digital transformation is the new paradigm in enterprises, but the big question remains: is the enterprise ready for transformation using native technology embedded in Agile/DevOps? With this book, you'll see how to design, implement, and integrate DevOps in the enterprise architecture while keeping the Ops team on board and remaining resilient. The focus of the book is not to introduce the hundreds of different tools that are available for implementing DevOps, but instead to show you how to create a successful DevOps architecture.

This book provides an architectural overview of DevOps, AIOps, and DevSecOps - the three domains that drive and accelerate digital transformation. Complete with step-by-step explanations of essential concepts, practical examples, and self-assessment questions, this DevOps book will help you to successfully integrate DevOps into enterprise architecture. You'll learn what AIOps is and what value it can bring to an enterprise. Lastly, you will learn how to integrate security principles such as zero-trust and industry security frameworks into DevOps with DevSecOps.

By the end of this DevOps book, you'll be able to develop robust DevOps architectures, know which toolsets you can use for your DevOps implementation, and have a deeper understanding of next-level DevOps by implementing Site Reliability Engineering (SRE).

What You Will Learn:

  • Create DevOps architecture and integrate it with the enterprise architecture
  • Discover how DevOps can add value to the quality of IT delivery
  • Explore strategies to scale DevOps for an enterprise
  • Architect SRE for an enterprise as next-level DevOps
  • Understand AIOps and what value it can bring to an enterprise
  • Create your AIOps architecture and integrate it into DevOps
  • Create your DevSecOps architecture and integrate it with the existing DevOps setup
  • Apply zero-trust principles and industry security frameworks to DevOps

Who this book is for:

This book is for enterprise architects and consultants who want to design DevOps systems for the enterprise. It provides an architectural overview of DevOps, AIOps, and DevSecOps. If you're looking to learn about the implementation of various tools within the DevOps toolchain in detail, this book is not for you.


一位建築師的指南:設計、實施和整合企業中的 DevOps

- 設計與整體企業架構相符的 DevOps 架構
- 設計準備好進行 AIOps 並邁向 NoOps 的系統
- 設計並實施 DevSecOps 流程,保護 DevOps 企業

數位轉型是企業中的新範式,但一個重要問題仍然存在:企業是否準備好使用嵌入在敏捷/DevOps 中的原生技術進行轉型?透過本書,您將了解如何在企業架構中設計、實施和整合 DevOps,同時保持運維團隊的參與和彈性。本書的重點不在於介紹用於實施 DevOps 的數百種不同工具,而是向您展示如何創建成功的 DevOps 架構。

本書提供了 DevOps、AIOps 和 DevSecOps 的架構概述,這三個領域推動和加速數位轉型。書中包含了基本概念的逐步解釋、實際示例和自我評估問題,將幫助您成功地將 DevOps 整合到企業架構中。您將了解 AIOps 是什麼以及它對企業的價值。最後,您將學習如何將零信任和行業安全框架等安全原則與 DevOps 整合為 DevSecOps。

通過閱讀本書,您將能夠開發強大的 DevOps 架構,了解可用於 DevOps 實施的工具集,並更深入地了解通過實施網站可靠性工程(SRE)來達到下一個層次的 DevOps。

- 創建 DevOps 架構並將其與企業架構整合
- 發現 DevOps 如何增加 IT 交付質量的價值
- 探索將 DevOps 擴展到企業的策略
- 為企業設計 SRE 作為下一個層次的 DevOps
- 了解 AIOps 以及它對企業的價值
- 創建您的 AIOps 架構並將其整合到 DevOps 中
- 創建您的 DevSecOps 架構並將其與現有的 DevOps 設置整合
- 將零信任原則和行業安全框架應用於 DevOps

本書適合對於為企業設計 DevOps 系統的企業架構師和顧問。它提供了 DevOps、AIOps 和 DevSecOps 的架構概述。如果您想詳細了解 DevOps 工具鏈中各種工具的實施,則本書不適合您。