Django 4 By Example : Build powerful and reliable Python web applications from scratch, 4/e (Paperback)

Melé, Antonio

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  • 出版日期: 2022-08-29
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  • ISBN: 1801813051
  • ISBN-13: 9781801813051
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  • 相關翻譯: Django4 實例精解 (簡中版)
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Learn to create fully functional web applications with authentication, content management systems, payment processing, RESTful APIs, and more


Key Features:

  • Implement advanced functionalities, such as full-text search engines, user activity streams, payment gateways, and recommendation engines Integrate JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Redis, Celery, and Memcached into your applications Add real-time features with Django Channels and WebSockets


Book Description:

Django 4 By Example is the 4th edition of the best-selling franchise that helps you build web apps. This book will walk you through the creation of real-world applications, solving common problems, and implementing best practices using a step-by-step approach.



You'll cover a wide range of web app development topics as you build four different apps:



  • A blog application: Create data models, views, and URLs and implement an admin site for your blog. Create sitemaps and RSS feeds and implement a full-text search engine with PostgreSQL. A social website: Implement authentication with Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Create user profiles, image thumbnails, a bookmarklet, and an activity stream. Implement a user follower system and add infinite scroll pagination to your website. An e-commerce application: Build a product catalog, a shopping cart, and asynchronous tasks with Celery and RabbitMQ. Process payments with Stripe and manage payment notifications via webhooks. Build a product recommendation engine with Redis. Create PDF invoices and export orders to CSV.
  • An e-learning platform: Create a content management system to manage polymorphic content. Cache content with Memcached and Redis. Build and consume a RESTful API. Implement a real-time chat using WebSockets with ASGI. Create a production environment using NGINX, uWSGI and Daphne with Docker Compose.

This is a practical book that will have you creating web apps quickly.


What You Will Learn:

  • Learn Django essentials, including models, ORM, views, templates, URLs, forms, authentication, signals and middleware
  • Implement different modules of the Django framework to solve specific problems
  • Integrate third-party Django applications into your project
  • Build asynchronous (ASGI) applications with Django
  • Set up a production environment for your projects
  • Easily create complex web applications to solve real use cases



Who this book is for:

This book is for readers with basic Python knowledge and programmers transitioning from other web frameworks who wish to learn Django by doing. If you already use Django or have in the past, and want to learn best practices and integrate other technologies to scale your applications, then this book is for you too. This book will help you master the most relevant areas of the framework by building practical projects from scratch. Some previous knowledge of HTML and JavaScript is assumed.


學習使用身份驗證、內容管理系統、付款處理、RESTful API等功能,創建完全功能的網絡應用程式。

- 實現高級功能,如全文搜索引擎、用戶活動流、付款閘道和推薦引擎。
- 將JavaScript、PostgreSQL、Redis、Celery和Memcached集成到應用程式中。
- 使用Django Channels和WebSockets添加實時功能。

《Django 4 By Example》是這個暢銷系列的第四版,幫助您構建網絡應用程式。本書將以逐步的方式引導您創建真實世界的應用程式,解決常見問題,實施最佳實踐。

- 博客應用程式:創建數據模型、視圖和URL,並為博客實施管理站點。創建站點地圖和RSS提要,並使用PostgreSQL實現全文搜索引擎。
- 社交網站:使用Facebook、Twitter和Google實現身份驗證。創建用戶個人資料、圖像縮略圖、書籤工具和活動流。實現用戶關注系統,並為網站添加無限滾動分頁。
- 電子商務應用程式:構建產品目錄、購物車和使用Celery和RabbitMQ的異步任務。使用Stripe處理付款,並通過Webhooks管理付款通知。使用Redis構建產品推薦引擎。創建PDF發票並將訂單導出為CSV。
- 在線學習平台:創建內容管理系統以管理多態內容。使用Memcached和Redis緩存內容。構建和使用RESTful API。使用ASGI使用WebSockets實現實時聊天。使用Docker Compose創建生產環境,包括NGINX、uWSGI和Daphne。


- 學習Django的基礎知識,包括模型、ORM、視圖、模板、URL、表單、身份驗證、信號和中間件。
- 使用Django的不同模塊解決特定問題。
- 將第三方Django應用程式集成到您的項目中。
- 使用Django構建異步(ASGI)應用程式。
- 為您的項目設置生產環境。
- 輕鬆創建解決實際用例的複雜網絡應用程式。