Mastering Roblox Coding: The unofficial guide to leveling up your Roblox scripting skills and building games using Luau programming

Kiepe, Mark

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  • 出版日期: 2022-08-26
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Discover how to build enhanced feature-filled games using the power of Luau programming by getting hands-on with creating a complete end-to-end game using Roblox Studio

Key Features

- Leverage the tips and tricks covered in this game development book for writing advanced Roblox scripts
- Explore the capabilities of Roblox Luau to create complex games using user input, datastores, and user interfaces for all devices
- Each subject contains an additional exercise for the reader to experiment

Book Description

Roblox is a game platform with over 47 million daily active users. Something unique to Roblox is that you're playing games made by other gamers! This means that you can make your own games, even if you have no experience. In addition, Roblox provides a free engine that allows you to create and publish a simple game in less than five minutes and get paid while at it.

Most Roblox games require programming. This book starts with the basics of programming in Roblox Luau. Each chapter builds on the previous one, which eventually results in you mastering programming concepts in Lua. Next, the book teaches you complex technologies that you can implement in your game. Each concept is explained clearly and uses simple examples that show you how the technology is being used. This book contains additional exercises for you to experiment with the concepts you've learned. Using best practices, you will understand how to write and build complex systems such as databases, user input controls, and all device user interfaces. In addition, you will learn how to build an entire game from scratch.

By the end of this book, you will be able to program complex systems in Roblox from the ground up by learning how to write code using Luau and create optimized code.

What you will learn

- Understand and learn the basics of Roblox Luau
- Discover how to write efficient and optimized Luau code to avoid bad smells
- Explore how to optimize your game for PC, consoles, phones, and tablets
- Get up to speed with how to build databases using Luau
- Understand client and server functionalities and learn how to securely establish communication
- Discover how to build an advanced Roblox game from scratch

Who this book is for

This book is for fairly experienced Roblox developers who have basic programming knowledge and want to take their skills to the next level with advanced concepts in a simple and effective way. Basic knowledge of Roblox, Roblox Studio, and Roblox Luau is recommended before getting started with this book. A short refresher is provided for those who have not used Roblox in a while.


發現如何使用Luau編程的強大功能來建立功能豐富的遊戲,並通過使用Roblox Studio創建完整的遊戲來實踐。


- 利用本遊戲開發書中介紹的技巧和訣竅,編寫高級的Roblox腳本。
- 探索Roblox Luau的功能,使用用戶輸入、數據存儲和用於所有設備的用戶界面創建複雜的遊戲。
- 每個主題都包含一個額外的練習,供讀者實驗。



大多數Roblox遊戲需要編程。本書從Roblox Luau的基礎知識開始。每一章都建立在前一章的基礎上,最終使你能夠掌握Lua編程概念。接下來,本書教你如何在遊戲中實現複雜的技術。每個概念都有清晰的解釋,並使用簡單的示例來展示技術的使用方式。本書還包含額外的練習,供你實驗所學的概念。通過使用最佳實踐,你將了解如何編寫和構建複雜的系統,如數據庫、用戶輸入控制和所有設備的用戶界面。此外,你還將學習如何從頭開始構建整個遊戲。



- 理解並學習Roblox Luau的基礎知識。
- 發現如何編寫高效且優化的Luau代碼,避免糟糕的代碼。
- 探索如何優化你的遊戲,使其適用於PC、遊戲機、手機和平板電腦。
- 快速掌握使用Luau構建數據庫的方法。
- 理解客戶端和服務器功能,並學習如何安全地建立通信。
- 發現如何從頭開始構建高級的Roblox遊戲。

本書適合對Roblox開發有一定經驗並具備基本編程知識的開發人員,希望以簡單而有效的方式掌握高級概念。建議在開始閱讀本書之前,具備基本的Roblox、Roblox Studio和Roblox Luau知識。對於那些已經有一段時間沒有使用Roblox的人,本書提供了一個簡短的複習。


Mark Kiepe is an experienced Roblox Programmer and Game Designer with over six years of experience. He has contributed to a dozen of successful Roblox games. Besides that, he is the Co-Owner of a Roblox Game Studio called Sarcastic Studios with games such as Pet Store Tycoon and Dream Island. Mark has contributed to more than 150 million play sessions across all games at the time of writing.

Mark started as a self-taught programmer on Roblox. What he learned on Roblox helped him in College. He currently attends a University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands, where he studies Software Development.


Mark Kiepe是一位有超過六年經驗的Roblox程式設計師和遊戲設計師。他曾參與過數個成功的Roblox遊戲開發,並擔任Sarcastic Studios的共同擁有者,該工作室開發了Pet Store Tycoon和Dream Island等遊戲。截至目前,Mark在所有遊戲中的遊玩次數已超過1.5億次。



1. Getting Up to Speed with Roblox and Lua Basics
2. Writing Better Code
3. Event-Based Programming
4. Securing Your Game
5. Optimizing Your Game
6. Creating User Interfaces For All Devices
7. Listening To User Input
8. Building Data Stores
9. Monetizing Your Game
10. Creating Your Own Simulator Game


1. 與 Roblox 和 Lua 基礎相適應
2. 撰寫更好的程式碼
3. 事件驅動的程式設計
4. 保護您的遊戲
5. 優化您的遊戲
6. 為所有設備創建使用者介面
7. 監聽使用者輸入
8. 建立資料存儲
9. 遊戲的營利化
10. 創建您自己的模擬器遊戲