Azure Containers Explained: Leverage Azure container technologies for effective application migration and deployment

Haakman, Wesley, Hooper, Richard

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Apply scenario-based learning to effectively handle the technical and business impact of various services like AKS, ACI, Azure Functions, and Azure Container Apps on Azure

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Key Features

• Understand the what, why, and how of different container technologies available on Microsoft Azure
• Explore the practical implementation of various Azure container technologies with the help of use cases
• Learn common business strategies for selecting the right Azure container technology at optimized cost

Book Description

Whether you're working with a start-up or an enterprise, making decisions related to using different container technologies on Azure has a notable impact your app migration and modernization strategies. This is where companies face challenges, while choosing the right solutions and deciding when to move on to the next technology. Azure Containers Explained helps you make the right architectural choices for your solutions and get well-versed with the migration path to other platforms using practical examples.

You'll begin with a recap of containers as technology and where you can store them within Azure. Next, you'll explore the different Microsoft Azure container technologies and understand how each platform, namely Azure Container Apps, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Azure Container Instances (ACI), Azure Functions, and Azure App Services, work – you'll learn to implement them by grasping their respective characteristics and use cases. Finally, you'll build upon your own container solution on Azure using best practices from real-world examples and successfully transform your business from a start-up to a full-fledged enterprise.

By the end of this book, you'll be able to effectively cater to your business and application needs by selecting and modernizing your apps using various Microsoft Azure container services.

What you will learn

• Make the best-suited architectural choices to meet your business and application needs
• Understand the migration paths between different Azure Container services
• Deploy containerized applications on Azure to multiple technologies
• Know when to use Azure Container Apps versus Azure Kubernetes Service
• Find out how to add features to an AKS cluster
• Investigate the containers on Azure Web apps and Functions apps
• Discover ways to improve your current architecture without starting again
• Explore the financial implications of using Azure container services

Who this book is for

This book is for cloud and DevOps architects, application developers, technical leaders, decision makers, and IT professionals working with Microsoft Azure and cloud native technologies, especially containers. Reasonable knowledge of containers and a solid understanding of Microsoft Azure will help you grasp the concepts in this book.


應用場景學習,有效處理在Azure上的各種服務(如AKS、ACI、Azure Functions和Azure Container Apps)的技術和業務影響。



- 了解Microsoft Azure上不同容器技術的何時、為什麼和如何使用。
- 通過使用案例探索各種Azure容器技術的實際實施。
- 學習選擇正確的Azure容器技術以實現成本優化的常見業務策略。



您將首先回顧容器作為技術以及在Azure中可以存儲它們的位置。接下來,您將探索不同的Microsoft Azure容器技術,並了解每個平台(即Azure容器應用程序、Azure Kubernetes服務(AKS)、Azure容器實例(ACI)、Azure Functions和Azure應用程序服務)的工作原理-通過掌握它們的特點和用例來實施它們。最後,您將通過真實世界的示例從頭開始構建自己的Azure容器解決方案,成功將您的業務從初創企業轉變為一家成熟的企業。

通過閱讀本書,您將能夠通過使用各種Microsoft Azure容器服務來有效滿足您的業務和應用程序需求。


- 做出最適合的架構選擇以滿足您的業務和應用程序需求。
- 了解不同Azure容器服務之間的遷移路徑。
- 在Azure上部署容器化應用程序到多個技術。
- 知道何時使用Azure容器應用程序而不是Azure Kubernetes服務。
- 找出如何向AKS集群添加功能。
- 研究Azure Web應用程序和功能應用程序上的容器。
- 發現如何改進當前架構而無需重新開始。
- 探索使用Azure容器服務的財務影響。

本書適合雲和DevOps架構師、應用程序開發人員、技術領導者、決策者和IT專業人員,他們在使用Microsoft Azure和雲原生技術,特別是容器方面工作。對容器有合理的了解和對Microsoft Azure的扎實理解將有助於您理解本書中的概念。


1. Azure Containers – Pleased to Meet You
2. Azure App Service – Running a Container Was Never That Difficult
3. Deploying Containers to Azure Functions
4. Azure Container Instances for Serverless Containers
5. Azure Container Apps for Serverless Kubernetes
6. Azure Kubernetes Service for Kubernetes in the Cloud
7. The Single Container Use Case
8. Deciding the Best Fitting Azure Technologies for Multiple Containers
9. Container Technologies for Startups
10. Container Technologies for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses
11. Container Technologies for Enterprises
12. Migrating Between Container Technologies
13. Azure Container Instances – I Like the Scalability, But I Need More
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1. Azure Containers – 很高興認識你
2. Azure App Service – 從未如此輕鬆運行容器
3. 將容器部署到 Azure Functions
4. Azure Container Instances 用於無伺服器容器
5. Azure Container Apps 用於無伺服器 Kubernetes
6. Azure Kubernetes Service 用於雲端 Kubernetes
7. 單一容器使用案例
8. 選擇最適合的 Azure 技術來處理多個容器
9. 面向初創企業的容器技術
10. 面向中小型企業的容器技術
11. 面向企業的容器技術
12. 在容器技術之間遷移
13. Azure Container Instances – 我喜歡可擴展性,但我需要更多