Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Certification and Implementation Guide: Master the deployment, management, and monitoring of Google Cloud soluti

Koziorowska, Agnieszka, Marusiak, Wojciech

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Gain practical knowledge and hands-on expertise in implementing Google Cloud Platform services and prepare to confidently pass the exam on your first attempt

Key Features

  • Explore Google Cloud Platform services and operations in depth
  • Gain hands-on experience to effectively employ Google Cloud services
  • Receive tailored guidance for Associate Cloud Engineer certification from Google experts
  • Purchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free PDF eBook

Book Description

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a leading cloud provider, helping companies and users worldwide to solve the most challenging business issues. This book will teach cloud engineers working with GCP how to implement, configure, and secure cloud environment, and help students gain confidence in utilizing various GCP services.

The book begins by introducing you to Google Cloud and the ACE exam, including various resources that can help you pass. The next set of chapters will help you explore the various compute options in Google Cloud, such as Google Kubernetes Engine and Google Compute Engine. As you advance, you'll gain a clear understanding of the essence of the cloud, including networking and storage, as well as the data analytics products that Google Cloud provides. The chapters also cover key topics such as monitoring, logging, diagnostics, and price estimation along with the most crucial of subjects, security, with a particular focus on identity and access management. Finally, you'll be given the chance to test your newfound knowledge with the help of two mock exams.

By the end of this book, you’ll have learned the difference between various Google Cloud Platform services, along with specific use cases, and be able to implement these services with the GCP console and command-line utilities.

What you will learn

  • Grasp the key topics needed to achieve ACE certification
  • Import and export data to and from Google Cloud
  • Implement and configure various networking options in Google Cloud
  • Derive insights from data with Google Data Analytics
  • Gain knowledge and experience in monitoring and logging
  • Test yourself in various scenarios while reading the book
  • Choose the optimal options to manage your solution's data

Who this book is for

This book is for anyone preparing for Associate Cloud Engineer certification. It can be used by IT system administrators as well as DevOps and it will be most useful to cloud architects as it covers all areas of Google Cloud Platform. This guide is ideal for those who want to start working with Google Cloud, gain practical knowledge, and achieve certification.


獲得實際知識和實踐經驗,學習如何實施Google Cloud Platform服務,並準備自信地通過考試。

- 深入探索Google Cloud Platform服務和操作
- 獲得實踐經驗,有效地使用Google Cloud服務
- 從Google專家那裡獲得針對Associate Cloud Engineer認證的指導
- 購買印刷版或Kindle書籍將包含免費的PDF電子書

Google Cloud Platform(GCP)是一家領先的雲服務提供商,幫助全球企業和用戶解決最具挑戰性的業務問題。本書將教授與GCP合作的雲工程師如何實施、配置和保護雲環境,並幫助學生在利用各種GCP服務方面增強信心。

本書首先介紹Google Cloud和ACE考試,包括各種可幫助您通過考試的資源。接下來的章節將幫助您探索Google Cloud中的各種計算選項,例如Google Kubernetes Engine和Google Compute Engine。隨著您的進步,您將清楚了解雲的本質,包括網絡和存儲,以及Google Cloud提供的數據分析產品。這些章節還涵蓋了監控、日誌記錄、診斷和價格估算等關鍵主題,並特別關注身份和訪問管理等安全性問題。最後,您將有機會通過兩個模擬考試來測試您新獲得的知識。

通過閱讀本書,您將學習到各種Google Cloud Platform服務之間的區別,以及具體的使用案例,並能夠使用GCP控制台和命令行工具實施這些服務。

- 掌握實現ACE認證所需的關鍵主題
- 導入和導出數據到Google Cloud
- 在Google Cloud中實施和配置各種網絡選項
- 利用Google數據分析從數據中獲取洞察力
- 在監控和日誌記錄方面獲得知識和經驗
- 在閱讀本書時在各種情境中進行自我測試
- 選擇最佳選項來管理解決方案的數據

本書適合對Associate Cloud Engineer認證做準備的任何人。它可以被IT系統管理員、DevOps以及雲架構師使用,對於想要開始使用Google Cloud、獲得實際知識並獲得認證的人來說,這本指南非常理想。


  1. Associate Cloud Engineer Certification Essentials
  2. Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals
  3. Planning and Managing GCP Resources
  4. Implementing Compute Solutions - Google Compute Engine
  5. Implementing Compute Solutions - Google Kubernetes Engine - Part 1
  6. Implementing Compute Solutions - Google Kubernetes Engine - Part 2
  7. Implementing Compute Solutions - Cloud Run, Cloud Functions, and Infrastructure as Code
  8. Configuring and implementing - Data Storage Solutions
  9. Configuring and Implementing Networking Components
  10. Data Processing Services in Google Cloud
  11. Monitoring, Logging, and Estimating Costs in GCP
  12. Implementing Identity and Security in Google Cloud
  13. Mock test 1
  14. Mock test 2


- Associate Cloud Engineer Certification Essentials
- Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals
- 計劃和管理 GCP 資源
- 實施計算解決方案 - Google Compute Engine
- 實施計算解決方案 - Google Kubernetes Engine - 第一部分
- 實施計算解決方案 - Google Kubernetes Engine - 第二部分
- 實施計算解決方案 - Cloud Run、Cloud Functions 和基礎架構即代碼
- 配置和實施 - 數據存儲解決方案
- 配置和實施網絡組件
- Google Cloud 中的數據處理服務
- 監控、日誌記錄和估算 GCP 成本
- 在 Google Cloud 中實施身份和安全性
- 模擬測試 1
- 模擬測試 2