Hands-On Unity 2022 Game Development - Third Edition: Learn to use the latest Unity 2022 features to create your first video game in the simplest way

Borromeo, Nicolas Alejandro



Create, customize, and optimize your own professional games from scratch with Unity 2022

Includes invitation to join the online Unity Game Development community to read the book alongside Unity developers/C# programmers and Nicolas Borromeo.

Purchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free eBook in the PDF format.

Key Features

• Create the game prototype and learn the fundamentals of Unity editor to build scenes, objects and import objects
• Add interactivity, win/lose conditions, sound, graphics and artificial intelligence using C# and visual scripting
• Improve the game graphics, user interface, add visual effects and animations using Animator, Cinemachine, and Timeline

Book Description

Unity is a cross-platform game engine that provides you with powerful but simple-to-use features to solve the most common problems in Game Development, such as rendering, animation, physics, sound, and effects. You'll learn to use these features to create simple but complete games (and all the nuances needed to handle Unity).

Complete with hands-on tutorials and projects, this book will teach you to use the Unity game engine, create C# and visual scripts, integrate graphics, sound, and animations, and manipulate physics to create interesting mechanics for your game. You'll then code a simple AI agent to challenge the user and work with profiling tools to ensure code efficiency.

Finally, you'll work with Unity's AR tools to create AR experiences for 3D apps and games before publishing them to the world.

If you are interested in creating impressive, commercial-quality games that are playable on a variety of platforms, then you've come to the right place.

What you will learn

• Build a game prototype that includes gameplay, player and non-player characters, assets, animations, and more
• Set up and navigate the game engine to dive into the Unity Editor and discover unique and new features released in 2022
• Learn both C# and Visual Scripting to customize player movements, the user interface, and game physics
• Apply shaders to improve your game graphics using Shader Graph and Universal Render Pipeline (URP)
• Create win-lose conditions for the game by using design patterns such as Singleton and Event Listeners
• Implement Game AI to build a fully functional enemy capable of detecting and attacking the player
• Debug, test, optimize, and create an executable version of the game to share with your friends

Who this book is for

Both game and non-game developers who wish to migrate or start building 3D games in Unity will find this book useful. While you'll still able to follow along if you don't have any programming experience, knowing the fundamentals of C# programming will help you get the most out of this book.


從頭開始使用Unity 2022創建、自定義和優化專業遊戲。

包括邀請加入在線Unity遊戲開發社區,與Unity開發人員/C#程序員和Nicolas Borromeo一起閱讀本書。



- 創建遊戲原型,學習Unity編輯器的基礎知識,構建場景、對象和導入對象。
- 使用C#和可視化編程添加互動性、勝利/失敗條件、聲音、圖形和人工智能。
- 使用Animator、Cinemachine和Timeline改進遊戲圖形、用戶界面,添加視覺效果和動畫。







- 構建包括遊戲玩法、玩家和非玩家角色、資產、動畫等的遊戲原型。
- 設置和導航遊戲引擎,深入Unity編輯器,並了解2022年推出的獨特和新功能。
- 同時學習C#和可視化編程,以自定義玩家移動、用戶界面和遊戲物理。
- 使用Shader Graph和Universal Render Pipeline(URP)應用着色器來改善遊戲圖形。
- 通過使用Singleton和Event Listeners等設計模式為遊戲創建勝利/失敗條件。
- 實現遊戲AI,構建能夠檢測和攻擊玩家的完全功能敵人。
- 調試、測試、優化並創建可執行版本的遊戲,與朋友分享。



1. Creating a Unity Project
2. Editing Scenes and GameObjects
3. Grayboxing with Terrain and ProBuilder
4. Importing and Integrating Assets
5. Introduction to C# and Visual Scripting
6. Implementing Movement and Spawning
7. Physics Collisions and Health System
8. Win and Lose Conditions
9. Implementing Game AI for Building Enemies
10. Materials and Effects with URP and Shader Graph
11. Visual Effects with Particle Systems and Visual Effect Graph
12. Lighting Using the Universal Render Pipeline
13. Full-Screen Effects with Post-Processing
14. Sound and Music Integration
15. User Interface Design
16. Creating a UI with the UI Toolkit
17. Creating Animations with Animator, Cinemachine, and Timeline
18. Optimization with Profiler, Frame Debugger, and Memory Profiler
19. Generating and Debugging an Executable
20. Augmented Reality in Unity


1. 建立 Unity 專案
2. 編輯場景和遊戲物件
3. 使用地形和 ProBuilder 進行灰盒設計
4. 匯入和整合資源
5. C# 和視覺化編程介紹
6. 實現移動和生成
7. 物理碰撞和生命系統
8. 勝利和失敗條件
9. 實現遊戲 AI 以建立敵人
10. 使用 URP 和 Shader Graph 進行材質和特效設計
11. 使用粒子系統和視覺效果圖形進行視覺效果設計
12. 使用 Universal Render Pipeline 進行燈光設計
13. 使用後處理進行全螢幕效果
14. 音效和音樂整合
15. 使用者介面設計
16. 使用 UI Toolkit 創建使用者介面
17. 使用 Animator、Cinemachine 和 Timeline 創建動畫
18. 使用 Profiler、Frame Debugger 和 Memory Profiler 進行優化
19. 生成和調試可執行檔
20. Unity 中的擴增實境