Microsoft Certified Azure Data Fundamentals (Exam DP-900) Certification Guide: The comprehensive guide to passing the DP-900 exam on your first attemp

Leite, Marcelo

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  • 出版日期: 2022-11-25
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Learn how to implement successful Azure Data projects and get the skills to clear the DP-900 certification exam with the help of mock tests and self-assessment scenarios for better preparation


Key Features:

  • Get the knowledge you need to pass the DP-900 exam on your first attempt
  • Gain fundamental knowledge of the core concepts of working with data in Azure cloud data services
  • Learn through a practical approach and test yourself with mock exams at the end of the book


Book Description:

Passing the DP-900 Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals exam opens the door to a myriad of opportunities for working with data services in the cloud. But it is not an easy exam and you'll need a guide to set you up for success and prepare you for a career in Microsoft Azure.

Absolutely everything you need to pass the DP-900 exam is covered in this concise handbook. After an introductory chapter covering the core terms and concepts, you'll go through the various roles related to working with data in the cloud and learn the similarities and differences between relational and non-relational databases. This foundational knowledge is crucial, as you'll learn how to provision and deploy Azure's relational and non-relational services in detail later in the book. You'll also gain an understanding of how to glean insights with data analytics at both small and large scales, and how to visualize your insights with Power BI. Once you reach the end of the book, you'll be able to test your knowledge with practice tests with detailed explanations of the correct answers.

By the end of this book, you will be armed with the knowledge and confidence to not only pass the DP-900 exam but also have a solid foundation from which to embark on a career in Azure data services.


What You Will Learn:

  • Explore the concepts of IaaS and PaaS database services on Azure
  • Query, insert, update, and delete relational data using SQL
  • Explore the concepts of data warehouses in Azure
  • Perform data analytics with an Azure Synapse Analytics workspace
  • Upload and retrieve data in Azure Cosmos DB and Azure HDInsight
  • Provision and deploy non-relational data services in Azure
  • Contextualize the knowledge with real-life use cases
  • Test your progress with a mock exam


Who this book is for:

This book is for data engineers, database administrators, or aspiring data professionals getting ready to take the DP-900 exam. It will also be helpful for those looking for a bit of guidance on how to be better equipped for Azure-related job roles such as Azure database administrator or Azure data engineer. A basic understanding of core data concepts and relational and non-relational data will help you make the most out of this book, but they're not a pre-requisite.


學習如何成功實施 Azure Data 專案,並通過模擬測試和自我評估場景獲得清晰 DP-900 認證考試所需的技能,以更好地準備。

- 獲取通過 DP-900 考試所需的知識
- 獲得在 Azure 雲端數據服務中處理數據的核心概念的基礎知識
- 通過實踐方法學習並在書末進行模擬考試以測試自己

通過 DP-900 Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals 考試,您將有機會在雲端中使用數據服務方面獲得眾多機會。但這不是一個簡單的考試,您需要一個指南來幫助您成功並為您在 Microsoft Azure 中的職業生涯做好準備。

這本簡明手冊涵蓋了通過 DP-900 考試所需的一切。在介紹核心術語和概念的第一章之後,您將了解與在雲端中處理數據相關的各種角色,並學習關聯和非關聯數據庫之間的相似性和差異性。這些基礎知識至關重要,因為您將在本書後面詳細了解如何配置和部署 Azure 的關聯和非關聯服務。您還將了解如何在小規模和大規模上進行數據分析,以及如何使用 Power BI 對數據進行可視化。當您完成本書時,您將能夠通過具有詳細解釋的練習測試來測試自己的知識。

通過本書,您將具備知識和信心,不僅能夠通過 DP-900 考試,還能夠在 Azure 數據服務領域開展職業生涯。

- 探索 Azure 上的 IaaS 和 PaaS 數據庫服務的概念
- 使用 SQL 查詢、插入、更新和刪除關聯數據
- 探索 Azure 中的數據倉庫概念
- 使用 Azure Synapse Analytics 工作區進行數據分析
- 在 Azure Cosmos DB 和 Azure HDInsight 上上傳和檢索數據
- 配置和部署 Azure 中的非關聯數據服務
- 通過實際案例理解知識
- 通過模擬考試測試自己的進展

本書適合數據工程師、數據庫管理員或準備參加 DP-900 考試的初學者數據專業人士。對核心數據概念和關聯和非關聯數據有基本理解將有助於更好地利用本書,但不是必需的先備條件。


Marcelo Leite is a data and artificial intelligence specialist at Microsoft. He got the DP-900 in October 2020 and holds the advanced titles of Azure Data Engineer and Azure AI Engineer. He graduated in technology with a database specialization and has MBA in project and IT management. Marcelo has been working at Microsoft for over 5 years. He's also a professor of MBA courses for databases, data architecture, and cloud computing. With 17+ years of experience in roles such as software engineer, consulting manager, and solutions sales specialist, he shares his knowledge of data technologies on his YouTube channel "Dicas de Dados" and is very active on LinkedIn.


Marcelo Leite 是微軟的資料和人工智慧專家。他在2020年10月獲得了 DP-900 證書,並擁有 Azure 資料工程師和 Azure AI 工程師的高級頭銜。他在科技領域畢業,專攻資料庫,並擁有項目和 IT 管理的 MBA 學位。Marcelo 在微軟工作超過5年。他還是 MBA 課程的教授,教授資料庫、資料架構和雲端運算等課程。在軟體工程師、顧問經理和解決方案銷售專家等角色上擁有17年以上的經驗,他在自己的 YouTube 頻道「Dicas de Dados」上分享他對資料技術的知識,並在 LinkedIn 上非常活躍。


  1. Understanding the Core Data Terminologies
  2. Exploring the Roles and Responsibilities in Data Domain
  3. Working with Relational Data
  4. Working with Non-Relational Data
  5. Exploring Data Analytics Concepts
  6. Integrating Relational Data on Azure
  7. Provisioning and Configuring Relational Database Services in Azure
  8. Querying Relational Data in Azure
  9. Exploring Non-Relational Data Offerings in Azure
  10. Provisioning and Configuring Non-Relational Data Services in Azure
  11. Components of a Modern Data Warehouse
  12. Provisioning and Configuring Large-Scale Data Analytics in Azure
  13. Working with Power BI
  14. DP-900 Mock Exam


- 瞭解核心數據術語
- 探索數據領域中的角色和責任
- 使用關聯數據進行工作
- 使用非關聯數據進行工作
- 探索數據分析概念
- 在Azure上集成關聯數據
- 在Azure中配置和設置關聯數據庫服務
- 在Azure中查詢關聯數據
- 探索Azure中的非關聯數據提供
- 在Azure中配置和設置非關聯數據服務
- 現代數據倉庫的組件
- 在Azure中配置和設置大規模數據分析
- 使用Power BI進行工作
- DP-900模擬考試