Industrial IoT for Architects and Engineers: Architecting secure, robust, and scalable industrial IoT solutions with AWS

Bernal, Joey, Sridhar, Bharath

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  • 出版日期: 2023-01-20
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Go beyond connecting services to understand the unique challenges encountered in industrial environments by building Industrial IoT architectures using AWS

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Key Features

- Understand the key components of IoT Architecture and how it applies to Industry 4.0
- Walk through extensive examples and solutions across multiple Industries
- Learn how to collect, process, store, and analyse Industrial IoT data

Book Description

When it comes to using the core and managed services available on AWS for making decisions about architectural environments for an enterprise, there are as many challenges as there are advantages. This Industrial IoT book follows the journey of data from the shop floor to the boardroom, identifying goals and aiding in strong architectural decision-making.

You'll begin from the ground up, analyzing environment needs and understanding what is required from the captured data, applying industry standards and conventions throughout the process. This will help you realize why digital integration is crucial and how to approach an Industrial IoT project from a holistic perspective. As you advance, you'll delve into the operational technology realm and consider integration patterns with common industrial protocols for data gathering and analysis with direct connectivity to data through sensors or systems. The book will equip you with the essentials for designing industrial IoT architectures while also covering intelligence at the edge and creating a greater awareness of the role of machine learning and artificial intelligence in overcoming architectural challenges.

By the end of this book, you'll be ready to apply IoT directly to the industry while adapting the concepts covered to implement AWS IoT technologies.

What you will learn

- Discover Industrial IoT best practices and conventions
- Understand how to get started with edge computing
- Define and build IoT solution architectures from scratch
- Use AWS as the core of your solution platform
- Apply advanced analytics and machine learning to your data
- Deploy edge processing to react in near real time to events within your environment

Who this book is for

This book is for architects, engineers, developers, and technical professionals interested in building an edge and cloud-based Internet of Things ecosystem with a focus on industry solutions. Since the focus of this book is specifically on IoT, a solid understanding of core IoT technologies and how they work is necessary to get started. If you are someone with no hands-on experience, but are familiar with the subject, you'll find the use cases useful to learn how architectural decisions are made.





- 了解物聯網架構的關鍵組件及其在工業4.0中的應用。
- 通過多個行業的廣泛示例和解決方案進行實踐。
- 學習如何收集、處理、存儲和分析工業物聯網數據。






- 發現工業物聯網的最佳實踐和慣例。
- 了解如何開始使用邊緣計算。
- 從頭開始定義和構建物聯網解決方案架構。
- 將AWS作為解決方案平台的核心。
- 將高級分析和機器學習應用於您的數據。
- 部署邊緣處理以對環境內的事件做出近乎實時的反應。



1. Welcome to the IoT Revolution
2. Anatomy of an IoT Architecture
3. In-Situ Environmental Monitoring
4. Real-World Environmental Monitoring
5. OT and Industrial Control Systems
6. Enabling Industrial IoT
7. PLC Data Acquisition and Analysis
8. Asset and Condition Monitoring
9. Taking It Up a Notch – Scalable, Robust, and Secure Architectures
10. Intelligent Systems at the Edge
11. Remote Monitoring Challenges
12. Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning
13. Appendix 1


1. 歡迎來到物聯網革命
2. 物聯網架構解析
3. 現地環境監測
4. 真實世界的環境監測
5. OT與工業控制系統
6. 實現工業物聯網
7. PLC數據收集與分析
8. 資產與狀態監測
9. 提升一個檔次 - 可擴展、堅固和安全的架構
10. 智能邊緣系統
11. 遠程監測挑戰
12. 高級分析和機器學習
13. 附錄1