Mastering MongoDB 6.x - Third Edition

Giamas, Alex

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  • 出版日期: 2022-08-30
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN: 1803243864
  • ISBN-13: 9781803243863
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Design and build solutions with the most powerful document database, MongoDB

Key Features

- Learn from the experts about every new feature in MongoDB 6 and 5
- Develop applications and administer clusters using MongoDB on premise or in the cloud
- Explore code-rich case studies showcasing MongoDB's major features followed by best practices

Book Description

MongoDB is a leading non-relational database. This book covers all the major features of MongoDB including the latest version 6. MongoDB 6.x adds many new features and expands on existing ones such as aggregation, indexing, replication, sharding and MongoDB Atlas tools. Some of the MongoDB Atlas tools that you will master include Atlas dedicated clusters and Serverless, Atlas Search, Charts, Realm Application Services/Sync, Compass, Cloud Manager and Data Lake.

By getting hands-on working with code using realistic use cases, you will master the art of modeling, shaping and querying your data and become the MongoDB oracle for the business. You will focus on broadly used and niche areas such as optimizing queries, configuring large-scale clusters, configuring your cluster for high performance and availability and many more. Later, you will become proficient in auditing, monitoring, and securing your clusters using a structured and organized approach.

By the end of this book, you will have grasped all the practical understanding needed to design, develop, administer and scale MongoDB-based database applications both on premises and on the cloud.

What you will learn

- Understand data modeling and schema design, including smart indexing
- Master querying data using aggregation
- Use distributed transactions, replication and sharding for better results
- Administer your database using backups and monitoring tools
- Secure your cluster with the best checklists and advice
- Master MongoDB Atlas, Search, Charts, Serverless, Realm, Compass, Cloud Manager and other tools offered in the cloud or on premises
- Integrate MongoDB with other big data sources
- Design and deploy MongoDB in mobile, IoT and serverless environments

Who this book is for

This book is for MongoDB developers and database administrators who want to learn how to model their data using MongoDB in depth, for both greenfield and existing projects. An understanding of MongoDB, shell command skills and basic database design concepts is required to get the most out of this book.



- 從專家那裡學習MongoDB 6和5中的每個新功能
- 使用MongoDB在本地或雲端開發應用程式和管理叢集
- 通過代碼豐富的案例研究,探索MongoDB的主要功能和最佳實踐

MongoDB是一個領先的非關聯型資料庫。本書涵蓋了MongoDB的所有主要功能,包括最新版本6。MongoDB 6.x增加了許多新功能,並擴展了現有功能,如聚合、索引、複製、分片和MongoDB Atlas工具。您將學習掌握的一些MongoDB Atlas工具包括Atlas專用叢集和無伺服器、Atlas Search、Charts、Realm應用程式服務/同步、Compass、Cloud Manager和Data Lake。



- 瞭解數據建模和架構設計,包括智能索引
- 掌握使用聚合進行數據查詢
- 使用分佈式事務、複製和分片以獲得更好的結果
- 使用備份和監控工具管理資料庫
- 使用最佳清單和建議保護叢集
- 掌握MongoDB Atlas、Search、Charts、Serverless、Realm、Compass、Cloud Manager和其他雲端或本地提供的工具
- 將MongoDB與其他大數據來源集成
- 在移動、物聯網和無伺服器環境中設計和部署MongoDB



Alex Giamas is a freelance consultant and a hands-on Lead Technical and Data Architect. Over the past 15 years, he has expertise in designing and developing systems for the UK Government (HMRC, Cabinet Office, DIT) and private sector (Amazon ProServe, PwC, Fintech Fortune 500, Yahoo!, Verizon) clients. Alex is an alumnus of the MassChallenge London cohort as the co-founder and CTO of a digital health startup. Alex has authored Mastering MongoDB 3.x and 4.x, both by Packt Publishing. Alex has developed large-scale robust, distributed software systems in Python, JavaScript, Ruby, and Java. He is a MongoDB Certified Developer, a Cloudera Hadoop Certified Developer with Data Science Essentials, and a Carnegie Mellon and Stanford graduate.


Alex Giamas是一位自由顧問和實踐型的首席技術和數據架構師。在過去的15年中,他在設計和開發英國政府(HMRC、內閣辦公室、DIT)和私營部門(Amazon ProServe、PwC、Fintech Fortune 500、Yahoo!、Verizon)的系統方面具有專業知識。Alex是MassChallenge倫敦孵化器的校友,曾擔任一家數字健康初創公司的聯合創始人和首席技術官。他是Packt Publishing出版的《Mastering MongoDB 3.x》和《Mastering MongoDB 4.x》的作者。Alex在Python、JavaScript、Ruby和Java中開發了大規模的健壯分佈式軟件系統。他是MongoDB認證開發人員,也是具備數據科學基礎的Cloudera Hadoop認證開發人員,並且是卡內基梅隆大學和斯坦福大學的畢業生。


1. MongoDB A Database for Modern Web
2. Schema Design and Data Modelling
3. MongoDB CRUD operations
4. Auditing
5. Advanced Querying
6. Multi Document ACID Transactions
7. Aggregation
8. Indexing
9. Monitoring, Backup and Security
10. Managing Storage Engines
11. MongoDB Tooling
12. Harnessing Big Data with MongoDB
13. Mastering Replication
14. Mastering Sharding
15. Fault Tolerance and High Availability


1. MongoDB 現代 Web 的資料庫
2. 架構設計和資料建模
3. MongoDB CRUD 操作
4. 審計
5. 進階查詢
6. 多文件 ACID 交易
7. 聚合
8. 索引
9. 監控、備份和安全性
10. 管理儲存引擎
11. MongoDB 工具
12. 利用 MongoDB 運用大數據
13. 主從複製的精通
14. 分片的精通
15. 容錯和高可用性