Offensive Shellcode from Scratch: Get to grips with shellcode countermeasures and discover how to bypass them

Pillay, Rishalin

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  • 出版日期: 2022-04-14
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 208
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  • ISBN: 1803247428
  • ISBN-13: 9781803247427
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Gain practical knowledge of shellcode and leverage it to develop shellcode for Windows and Linux operating systems, while understanding the countermeasures in place and how these can be bypassed

Key Features

  • Get up and running with shellcode fundamentals
  • Develop Shellcode for Windows and Linux
  • Understand the building blocks of shellcode

Book Description

Shellcoding is a technique that is executed by many red teams and used in penetration testing and real-world attacks. Books on shellcode can be complex, and writing shellcode is perceived as a kind of "dark art." Offensive Shellcode from Scratch will help you to build a strong foundation of shellcode knowledge and enable you to use it with Linux and Windows.

This book helps you to explore simple to more complex examples of shellcode that are used by real advanced persistent threat (APT) groups. You'll get to grips with the components of shellcode and understand which tools are used when building shellcode, along with the automated tools that exist to create shellcode payloads. As you advance through the chapters, you'll become well versed in assembly language and its various components, such as registers, flags, and data types. This shellcode book also teaches you about the compilers and decoders that are used when creating shellcode. Finally, the book takes you through various attacks that entail the use of shellcode in both Windows and Linux environments.

By the end of this shellcode book, you'll have gained the knowledge needed to understand the workings of shellcode and build your own exploits by using the concepts explored.

What you will learn

  • Gain a thorough understanding of shellcode
  • Get to grips with assembly language and its key purpose in shellcode development
  • Identify key elements of memory registers
  • Explore debuggers and their use cases
  • Get up and running with hands-on shellcode creation for both Windows and Linux
  • Exploit Windows and Linux operating systems using shellcode
  • Assess countermeasures of Windows and Linux

Who this book is for

This book is for red teamers, penetration testers, and anyone looking to learn about shellcode and find out how it is used to break into systems by making use of simple to complex instructions of code in memory. Basic shellcode knowledge is helpful but not mandatory to understand the topics covered in this book.


獲得實用的 shellcode 知識,並利用它開發 Windows 和 Linux 作業系統的 shellcode,同時了解現有的對策以及如何繞過這些對策。

- 瞭解 shellcode 基礎知識
- 開發 Windows 和 Linux 的 shellcode
- 理解 shellcode 的構成要素

Shellcoding 是許多紅隊執行的技術,用於滲透測試和現實世界的攻擊。關於 shellcode 的書籍可能很複雜,而編寫 shellcode 則被視為一種「黑暗藝術」。《從零開始的攻擊性 Shellcode》將幫助您建立堅實的 shellcode 知識基礎,並使您能夠在 Linux 和 Windows 上使用它。

本書將幫助您探索由真實高級持續性威脅 (APT) 組織使用的簡單到複雜的 shellcode 實例。您將熟悉 shellcode 的組成部分,並了解在構建 shellcode 時使用的工具,以及用於創建 shellcode 載荷的自動化工具。隨著您進一步閱讀本書,您將熟悉組合語言及其各個組件,例如寄存器、標誌和數據類型。本書還教授您在創建 shellcode 時使用的編譯器和解碼器。最後,本書將帶您深入了解在 Windows 和 Linux 環境中使用 shellcode 的各種攻擊。

通過閱讀本書,您將獲得理解 shellcode 運作原理並使用所探索概念建立自己的漏洞利用所需的知識。

- 全面了解 shellcode
- 熟悉組合語言及其在 shellcode 開發中的關鍵作用
- 識別記憶體寄存器的關鍵元素
- 探索調試器及其使用案例
- 開始進行 Windows 和 Linux 的實際 shellcode 創建
- 利用 shellcode 攻擊 Windows 和 Linux 作業系統
- 評估 Windows 和 Linux 的對策

本書適合紅隊人員、滲透測試人員以及任何希望了解 shellcode 並通過在記憶體中使用簡單到複雜的程式碼指令來入侵系統的人。具備基本的 shellcode 知識有助於理解本書所涵蓋的主題,但不是必需的。


1. The Ins and Outs of shellcode
2. Assembly Language
3. Shellcode Tools and Resources
4. Developing Shellcode for Windows
5. Developing Shellcode for Linux
6. Countermeasures and Bypasses


1. shellcode 的內外情況
2. 組合語言
3. shellcode 工具和資源
4. 開發 Windows 的 shellcode
5. 開發 Linux 的 shellcode
6. 對策和繞過方法