50 Algorithms Every Programmer Should Know : An unbeatable arsenal of algorithmic solutions for real-world problems, 2/e (Paperback)

Ahmad, Imran

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  • 出版日期: 2023-09-29
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  • 相關分類: Algorithms-data-structures
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Solve classic computer science problems from fundamental algorithms, such as sorting and searching, to modern algorithms in machine learning and cryptography


Key Features:


  • Discussion on Advanced Deep Learning Architectures
  • New chapters on sequential models explaining modern deep learning techniques, like LSTMs, GRUs, and RNNs and Large Language Models (LLMs)
  • Explore newer topics, such as how to handle hidden bias in data and the explainability of the algorithms
  • Get to grips with different programming algorithms and choose the right data structures for their optimal implementation


Book Description:


The ability to use algorithms to solve real-world problems is a must-have skill for any developer or programmer. This book will help you not only to develop the skills to select and use an algorithm to tackle problems in the real world by understanding how it works.


You'll start with an introduction to algorithms and discover various algorithm design techniques, before exploring how to implement different types of algorithms, with the help of practical examples. As you advance, you'll learn about linear programming, page ranking, and graphs, and even work with machine learning algorithms to understand the math and logic behind them.


Case studies will show you how to apply these algorithms optimally before you focus on deep learning algorithms and will learn about different types of deep learning models along with their practical use.


You will also learn about modern sequential models and their variants, algorithms, methodologies, and architectures that used to implement Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT.


Finally, you'll become well versed in techniques that enable parallel processing, giving you the ability to use these algorithms for compute-intensive tasks.


By the end of this programming book, you'll have become adept at solving real-world computational problems by using a wide range of algorithms.


What You Will Learn:


  • Design algorithms for solving complex problems
  • Become familiar with neural networks and deep learning techniques
  • Explore existing data structures and algorithms found in Python libraries
  • Implement graph algorithms for fraud detection using network analysis
  • Work with machine learning algorithms to cluster similar tweets and process Twitter data in real time
  • Create a recommendation engine that suggests relevant movies to subscribers
  • Implement foolproof security using symmetric and asymmetric encryption on Google Cloud Platform


Who this book is for:


This computer science book is for programmers or developers who want to understand the use of algorithms for problem-solving and writing efficient code.


Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the most used algorithms concisely or an experienced programmer looking to explore cutting-edge algorithms in data science, machine learning, and cryptography, you'll find this book useful.


Python programming experience is a must, knowledge of data science will be helpful but not necessary.



- 討論高級深度學習架構
- 新增關於序列模型的章節,解釋現代深度學習技術,如LSTMs、GRUs、RNNs和大型語言模型(LLMs)
- 探索新的主題,例如如何處理數據中的隱藏偏差和算法的可解釋性
- 掌握不同的編程算法,並選擇最佳實現的適當數據結構







- 設計解決複雜問題的算法
- 熟悉神經網絡和深度學習技術
- 探索Python庫中的現有數據結構和算法
- 使用圖形算法進行欺詐檢測和網絡分析
- 使用機器學習算法對相似推文進行聚類並實時處理Twitter數據
- 創建一個推薦引擎,為訂閱者提供相關電影建議
- 在Google Cloud Platform上使用對稱和非對稱加密實現無懈可擊的安全性