The Python Workshop - Second Edition: Write Python code to solve challenging real-world problems

Wade, Corey, Corchero, Mario, Bird, Andrew

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  • 出版日期: 2022-11-18
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Gain proficiency, productivity, and power by working on projects and kick-starting your career in Python with this comprehensive, hands-on guide.

Key Features

- Understand and utilize Python syntax, objects, methods, and best practices
- Explore Python's many features and libraries through real-world problems and big data
- Use your newly acquired Python skills in machine learning as well as web and software development

Book Description

Python is among the most popular programming languages in the world. It's ideal for beginners because it's easy to read and write, and for developers, because it's widely available with a strong support community, extensive documentation, and phenomenal libraries – both built-in and user-contributed.

This project-based course has been designed by a team of expert authors to get you up and running with Python. You'll work though engaging projects that'll enable you to leverage your newfound Python skills efficiently in technical jobs, personal projects, and job interviews. The book will help you gain an edge in data science, web development, and software development, preparing you to tackle real-world challenges in Python and pursue advanced topics on your own. Throughout the chapters, each component has been explicitly designed to engage and stimulate different parts of the brain so that you can retain and apply what you learn in the practical context with maximum impact.

By completing the course from start to finish, you'll walk away feeling capable of tackling any real-world Python development problem.

What you will learn

- Write efficient and concise functions using core Python methods and libraries
- Build classes to address different business needs
- Create visual graphs to communicate key data insights
- Organize big data and use machine learning to make regression and classification predictions
- Develop web pages and programs with Python tools and packages
- Automate essential tasks using Python scripts in real-time execution

Who this book is for

This book is for professionals, students, and hobbyists who want to learn Python and apply it to solve challenging real-world problems. Although this is a beginner's course, you'll learn more easily if you already have an understanding of standard programming topics like variables, if-else statements, and functions. Experience with another object-oriented program, though not essential, will also be beneficial. If Python is your first attempt at computer programming, this book will help you understand the basics with adequate detail for a motivated student.



- 理解並運用Python語法、對象、方法和最佳實踐
- 通過實際問題和大數據探索Python的眾多功能和庫
- 在機器學習以及網頁和軟件開發中使用你新獲得的Python技能




- 使用核心Python方法和庫編寫高效且簡潔的函數
- 構建類以滿足不同的業務需求
- 創建視覺圖表以傳達關鍵數據見解
- 組織大數據並使用機器學習進行回歸和分類預測
- 使用Python工具和包開發網頁和程序
- 使用Python腳本實時執行自動化任務



1. Python Fundamentals – Math, Strings, Conditionals, and Loops
2. Python Data Structures
3. Executing Python – Programs, Algorithms, and Functions
4. Extending Python, Files, Errors, and Graphs
5. Constructing Python – Classes and Methods
6. The Standard Library
7. Becoming Pythonic
8. Software Development
9. Practical Python - Advance Topics
10. Data Analytics with pandas and NumPy
11. Machine Learning
12. Deep Learning with Python
13. New Features in Python


1. Python基礎 - 數學、字串、條件和迴圈
2. Python資料結構
3. 執行Python - 程式、演算法和函式
4. 擴展Python - 檔案、錯誤和圖形
5. 構建Python - 類別和方法
6. 標準程式庫
7. 成為Python專家
8. 軟體開發
9. 實用Python - 進階主題
10. 使用pandas和NumPy進行資料分析
11. 機器學習
12. 使用Python進行深度學習
13. Python的新功能