Graph Data Processing with Cypher: A practical guide to building graph traversal queries using the Cypher syntax on Neo4j

Anthapu, Ravindranatha

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  • 出版日期: 2022-12-16
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Get acquainted with Cypher in a guided manner quickly and learn how to query the graph databases with efficient and performant queries

Key Features

- Work with Cypher syntax and semantics while building graph traversal queries
- Get up and running with advanced Cypher concepts like List, Maps, OPTIONAL MATCH
- Master best practices in writing effective queries leveraging data modeling and patterns

Book Description

While it is easy to learn and understand the Cypher declarative language for querying graph databases, it can be very difficult to master it. As graph databases are becoming more mainstream, there is a dearth of content and guidance for developers to leverage database capabilities fully. This book fills the information gap by describing graph traversal patterns in a simple and readable way.

This book provides a guided tour of Cypher from understanding the syntax, building a graph data model, and loading the data into graphs to building queries and profiling the queries for best performance. It introduces APOC utilities that can augment Cypher queries to build complex queries. You'll also be introduced to visualization tools such as Bloom to get the most out of the graph when presenting the results to the end users.

After having worked through this book, you'll have become a seasoned Cypher query developer with a good understanding of the query language and how to use it for the best performance.

What you will learn

- Write Cypher queries from basic to advanced level
- Map the source data to the graph data model in an iterative fashion
- Load the data into a graph using LOAD CSV, APOC, and client drivers
- Map the business questions to graph queries effectively
- Identify query performance issues and fix them
- Extend capabilities of Cypher using APOC utilities
- Work with graph visualization tools like Bloom and Browser

Who this book is for

This book is targeted at Database Administrator, Database Developers, Graph Database Developers, and Graph Database Architects. This book will also help someone migrate from a DBA role to a graph data engineer or data scientist

If you are working with graph databases and need to learn Cypher, or are a basic Cypher developer who wants to get better at data modeling and tuning queries to build performant Cypher queries, then this is the book for you.



- 在構建圖形遍歷查詢時使用Cypher語法和語義
- 熟悉進階的Cypher概念,如List、Maps、OPTIONAL MATCH
- 掌握撰寫有效查詢的最佳實踐,並利用資料建模和模式




- 從基礎到高級水平撰寫Cypher查詢
- 以迭代方式將源資料映射到圖形資料模型
- 使用LOAD CSV、APOC和客戶端驅動程式將資料加載到圖形
- 將業務問題有效映射到圖形查詢
- 識別查詢性能問題並修復它們
- 使用APOC實用工具擴展Cypher的功能
- 使用Bloom和Browser等圖形可視化工具