Becoming a Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Solution Architect: Implement industry-grade finance and supply chain solutions for successful enterp

Dawson, Brent

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  • 出版日期: 2023-06-30
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Reap the full potential of D365 Finance and Supply Chain Management with tips, best practices, proven architectural design concepts, and solutions to common challenges

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Key Features:

  • Learn to use Microsoft Fasttrack to successfully implement and deploy D365 F&SCM solutions
  • Understand architectural considerations and best practices for D365 Finance and SCM applications
  • Gain expert guidance on data migration, complex integration, security, and licensing

Book Description:

Implementing an ERP project is a daunting task, and it can often get derailed due to several reasons, including but not limited to inefficient planning, inadequate resource scoping, insufficient working knowledge of ERP systems, and more. Becoming a Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Solution Architect helps you understand the intricacies of ERP project implementation for seamless deployment.

This comprehensive guide helps you gain a deep understanding of how to implement and optimize robust business applications that meet the evolving needs of organizations. You'll discover various integration methodologies to integrate different software applications and plan successful data migration seamlessly. By leveraging the author's expertise, you'll explore different challenges that can lead to project failure or cost/time overruns, along with customized solutions to maneuver past those issues for a successful outcome.

By the end of the book, you'll be able to identify potential issues that can negatively impact the delivery of the project and make design decisions that will prevent any potential negative impact on the design and functionality of the system at go-live stage

What You Will Learn:

  • Design an architectural solution for Dynamics 365 with the Fasttrack method
  • Discover potential issues that occur while integrating D365 Finance & Supply Chain Management
  • Set up industry-standard yet customized security configurations
  • Scope license requirements and apply license rules during deployment
  • Plan and test for successful data migration and system integration
  • Identify required tools, applications, and methods for ALM
  • Explore different aspects of human change management in D365 F&SCM projects

Who this book is for:

This book is for aspiring Microsoft D365 finance and supply chain solutions architects looking to take up the challenges of integrating different systems, configuring security models, complex data migrations, licensing, and overall system design based on client requirements.

Furthermore, this book serves as a valuable guide for experienced solution architects seeking to expand their skill set and enhance their expertise in tackling complex challenges within the field.


充分發揮 D365 財務與供應鏈管理的潛力,透過提示、最佳實踐、經過驗證的架構設計概念和常見挑戰的解決方案。

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- 學習如何使用 Microsoft Fasttrack 成功實施和部署 D365 F&SCM 解決方案
- 了解 D365 財務和 SCM 應用的架構考慮因素和最佳實踐
- 獲得對數據遷移、複雜集成、安全性和授權的專家指導

實施 ERP 項目是一項艱巨的任務,往往會因多種原因而偏離軌道,包括但不限於低效的規劃、不足的資源範圍、對 ERP 系統的工作知識不足等。成為 Dynamics 365 財務與供應鏈解決方案架構師可以幫助您了解 ERP 項目實施的細節,實現無縫部署。



- 使用 Fasttrack 方法為 Dynamics 365 設計架構解決方案
- 發現在集成 D365 財務與供應鏈管理時可能出現的問題
- 設置符合行業標準的定制安全配置
- 確定授權要求並在部署期間應用授權規則
- 計劃並測試成功的數據遷移和系統集成
- 確定 ALM 所需的工具、應用程序和方法
- 探索 D365 F&SCM 項目中人類變革管理的不同方面

本書適合對接不同系統、配置安全模型、進行複雜數據遷移、授權和整體系統設計基於客戶需求的有抱負的 Microsoft D365 財務與供應鏈解決方案架構師。