A Developer's Guide to Building Resilient Cloud Applications with Azure: Deploy applications on serverless and event-driven architecture using a cloud

Trabelsi, Hamida Rebai

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  • 出版日期: 2023-02-24
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An easy-to-follow guide to help you modernize applications on Azure using application programming interface (API), event-driven systems, functions, and Service Fabric and connect them to different relational and non-relational databases

Key Features

- Understand the Function as a Service (FaaS) and Azure Service Fabric distributed applications Develop event-based and message-based solutions using Event Grid and Azure Event Hubs
- Explains continuous deployment for Docker with Azure DevOps and Azure Container Registry and integrate Docker Hub with the CI/CD pipelines
- Purchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free eBook in the PDF format

Book Description

To remain competitive in the market and deliver software at a faster rate and reduced costs, companies with stable, legacy systems and growing volumes of data are modernizing their applications and accelerating innovation. However, most of the businesses struggle to meet modernization demands. A Developer's Guide to Building Resilient Cloud Applications with Azure will help you to build secure and reliable cloud-based applications on Azure and connect them to databases using examples, in order to overcome the application modernization challenges.

This book begins with a basic definition related to serverless and event-driven architecture, and database-as-a-service. The book will walk you through the different services in Azure, namely, Azure API Management using Gateway Pattern, event-driven architecture, and Event Grid, Azure Event Hubs and Azure message queues, function-as-a-service using Azure Functions and database-oriented cloud. At every step along the way, you’ll learn about creating, importing and managing APIs and Service Fabric in Azure, and how to ensure continuous integration and deployment in Azure to fully automate the software delivery process (the build and release process).

By the end of this book, you’ll be able to build and deploy cloud-oriented applications using APIs, serverless, service fabric, azure function, and event-grid technologies.

What you will learn

- Understand the architecture of Azure functions and Azure Service Fabric
- Explore Platform-as-a-Service options for deploying SQL Server in Azure
- Create and manage Azure Storage and Azure Cosmos DB resources
- Leverage big data storage in Azure services
- Select Azure services to deploy according to a specific scenario
- Setup CI/CD to deploy container application on Azure DevOps
- Understand API Gateway Patterns and Azure API Management

Who This Book Is For

This book is for cloud developers, software architects, system administrators, database administrators, data engineers, developers, and computer science students looking to understand the new role of software architect or developer in the cloud world. Professionals looking to enhance their cloud and cloud-native programming concepts will also find this book useful. Having a sound background in C#, ASP.NET Core, Visual Studio (any recent version) and a basic knowledge of cloud computing and databases will be helpful when using this book.


一本易於理解的指南,幫助您使用應用程式編程介面(API)、事件驅動系統、函數和Service Fabric在Azure上現代化應用程式,並將它們連接到不同的關聯和非關聯資料庫。

- 了解函數即服務(FaaS)和Azure Service Fabric分散式應用程式,使用Event Grid和Azure Event Hubs開發基於事件和基於消息的解決方案。
- 解釋使用Azure DevOps和Azure容器註冊表對Docker進行持續部署,並將Docker Hub與CI/CD流程集成。
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本書從與無伺服器和事件驅動架構以及資料庫即服務相關的基本定義開始。本書將引導您了解Azure中的不同服務,包括使用Gateway模式的Azure API管理、事件驅動架構和Event Grid、Azure Event Hubs和Azure訊息佇列、使用Azure Functions的函數即服務以及面向資料庫的雲端。在每個步驟中,您將學習在Azure中創建、導入和管理API和Service Fabric,以及如何確保在Azure中進行持續整合和部署,以完全自動化軟體交付過程(構建和發布過程)。

通過閱讀本書,您將能夠使用API、無伺服器、Service Fabric、Azure Functions和Event Grid技術來建立和部署面向雲端的應用程式。

- 了解Azure Functions和Azure Service Fabric的架構。
- 探索在Azure中部署SQL Server的平台即服務選項。
- 創建和管理Azure Storage和Azure Cosmos DB資源。
- 利用Azure服務中的大數據儲存。
- 根據特定情境選擇要部署的Azure服務。
- 在Azure DevOps上設置CI/CD以部署容器應用程式。
- 了解API Gateway模式和Azure API管理。

本書適合雲端開發人員、軟體架構師、系統管理員、資料庫管理員、資料工程師、開發人員和計算機科學學生,他們希望了解雲端世界中軟體架構師或開發人員的新角色。希望提升雲端和雲原生程式設計概念的專業人士也會發現本書有用。在使用本書時,具備C#、ASP.NET Core、Visual Studio(任何最新版本)的扎實背景以及對雲端計算和資料庫的基本知識將會有所幫助。


1. Introduction to Serverless, Event-Driven architecture and Database-Oriented Cloud
2. Importing, Managing and Publishing Your First API with Azure API Management
3. Developing Event-Based and Message-Based Solutions
4. Creating and Deploying Function Apps in Azure
5. Developing an Azure Service Fabric Distributed Application
6. Introduction to the Application Data
7. Working with Azure SQL Database
8. Working with Azure Storage
9. Working with Azure Cosmos DB to manage database services
10. Overview Big Data Storage
11. Containers and Continuous Deployment on Azure


1. 介紹無伺服器、事件驅動架構和以資料庫為導向的雲端
2. 使用 Azure API Management 匯入、管理和發佈您的第一個 API
3. 開發基於事件和訊息的解決方案
4. 在 Azure 中建立和部署 Function Apps
5. 開發 Azure Service Fabric 分散式應用程式
6. 介紹應用程式資料
7. 使用 Azure SQL Database 進行工作
8. 使用 Azure Storage 進行工作
9. 使用 Azure Cosmos DB 管理資料庫服務
10. 大數據儲存概述
11. 在 Azure 上使用容器和持續部署