Industrializing Financial Services with DevOps: Proven 360° DevOps operating model practices for enabling a multi-speed bank

Maniotis, Spyridon

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  • 出版日期: 2022-12-09
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Embrace best practices to advance and help evolve your DevOps operating model in the right direction and overcome common challenges that financial services organizations face.

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Key Features:

  • Design the right DevOps operating model for your organization through practical examples
  • Get insights into a variety of proven practices and concepts that you can employ during your DevOps adoption
  • Gain a holistic view of the complete DevOps capabilities and mechanisms to be enabled

Book Description:

In recent years, large financial services institutions have been embracing the concept of DevOps at the core of their digital transformation strategies. This book is inspired by real enterprise DevOps adoptions in the financial services industry and provides a comprehensive proven practice guide on how large corporate organizations can evolve their DevOps operating model.

The book starts by outlining the fundamentals comprising a complete DevOps operating model. It continues with a zoom in on those fundamentals, combining adoption frameworks with real-life examples. You'll cover the three main themes underpinning the book's approach that include the concepts of 360 , at relevance, and speeds. You'll explore how a bank's corporate and technology strategy links to its enterprise DevOps evolution. The book also provides a rich array of proven practices on how to design and create a harmonious 360 DevOps operating model which should be enabled and adopted at relevance in a multi-speed context. It comes packed with real case studies and examples from the financial services industry that you can adopt in your organization and context.

By the end of this book, you will have plenty of inspiration that you can take back to your organization and be able to apply the learning from pitfalls and success stories covered in the book.

What You Will Learn:

  • Understand how a firm's corporate strategy can be translated to a DevOps enterprise evolution
  • Enable the pillars of a complete DevOps 360 operating model
  • Adopt DevOps at scale and at relevance in a multi-speed context
  • Implement proven DevOps practices that large incumbents banks follow
  • Discover core DevOps capabilities that foster the enterprise evolution
  • Set up DevOps CoEs, platform teams, and SRE teams

Who this book is for:

This book is for DevOps practitioners, banking technologists, technology managers, business directors and transformation leads. Prior knowledge of fundamental DevOps terminologies and concepts and some experience practicing DevOps in large organizations will help you make the most out of this book.


採用最佳實踐,推動並協助發展您的 DevOps 運營模式,以克服金融服務機構面臨的常見挑戰。

購買印刷版或 Kindle 版本的書籍將包含一本免費的 PDF 電子書。

- 通過實際示例為您的組織設計適合的 DevOps 運營模式
- 獲得各種經過驗證的實踐和概念的見解,這些實踐和概念可以在您的 DevOps 採用過程中應用
- 獲得完整的 DevOps 能力和機制的整體視圖

近年來,大型金融服務機構一直在將 DevOps 的概念融入其數字轉型策略的核心。本書受金融服務行業真實企業 DevOps 採用的啟發,提供了一個全面的實踐指南,介紹了大型企業組織如何發展其 DevOps 運營模式。

本書首先概述了構成完整 DevOps 運營模式的基礎知識。然後,結合實際案例,深入探討這些基礎知識。您將探索本書方法的三個主要主題,包括 360° 概念、相關性和速度。您將了解銀行的企業和技術戰略如何與其企業 DevOps 發展相關聯。本書還提供了豐富的實踐案例,介紹了金融服務行業的真實案例,您可以在組織和情境中應用。


- 了解如何將公司戰略轉化為 DevOps 企業演進
- 建立完整的 DevOps 360° 運營模式的支柱
- 在多速度情境中規模化並相應地採用 DevOps
- 實施大型銀行遵循的經過驗證的 DevOps 實踐
- 發現促進企業演進的核心 DevOps 能力
- 建立 DevOps CoE、平台團隊和 SRE 團隊

本書適合 DevOps 從業人員、銀行技術人員、技術經理、業務總監和轉型領導者。對基本的 DevOps 術語和概念有一定了解,以及在大型組織中實踐 DevOps 的經驗,將有助於您充分利用本書的內容。