CompTIA Data+: Complete coverage of the new CompTIA Data+ (DAO-001) exam to help you pass on the first attempt

Dodd, Cameron

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  • 出版日期: 2022-12-23
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Learn data analysis essentials and prepare for the Data+ exam with this CompTIA exam guide, complete with practice exams towards the end.

Key Features:

  • Apply simple methods of data analysis and find out when and how to apply more complicated ones
  • Take business requirements and produce a remote to the correct audience using appropriate visualizations
  • Learn about data governance rules, including quality and control

Book Description:

The CompTIA Data+ certification exam not only helps validate a skill set required to enter one of the fastest growing fields in the world, but is also starting to standardize language and concepts within the field. However, there's a lot of conflicting information and lack of existing resources about the topics covered in this exam, and even professionals working in data analytics may need a study guide to help them pass on their first attempt.

The CompTIA Data + (DAO-001) Certification Guide will give you a solid foundation on how to prepare, analyze and report the data for better insights.

You'll get an introduction to Data+ certification exam format to begin with, and then quickly dive into preparing data. You'll learn about collecting, cleaning, and processing data along with data wrangling and manipulation. As you progress, you'll cover data analysis topics like types of analysis, common techniques, hypothesis techniques, and statistical analysis before tackling data reporting, common visualizations, and data governance. All knowledge you've gained throughout the book will be tested of mock tests that appear in the final chapters.

By the end of this book, you'll be ready to pass the Data+ exam with confidence and take the next step in your career.

What You Will Learn:

  • Get well versed with the five domains covered in the DAO-001 exam
  • Gain an understanding of all the major concepts covered in the exam and when to apply them
  • Understand the fundamental concepts behind ETL and ELT
  • Explore various imputation and deletion methods to deal with missing data
  • Identify and deal with outliers
  • Learn and perform hypothesis testing
  • Create insightful reports to showcase your findings

Who this book is for:

If you are a data analyst looking to get certified with DAO-001 exam this is the book for you. This CompTIA book is also ideal for who needs help in entering the quickly growing field of Data Analytics and are seeking professional certifications.


- 學習應用簡單的資料分析方法,並了解何時以及如何應用較複雜的方法。
- 根據業務需求,使用適當的視覺化工具向正確的受眾呈現報告。
- 學習資料治理規則,包括質量和控制。

CompTIA Data+認證考試不僅有助於驗證進入全球增長最快領域所需的技能,還開始在該領域內標準化語言和概念。然而,關於該考試涵蓋的主題存在大量矛盾的信息和缺乏現有資源,即使是從事資料分析工作的專業人士也可能需要一本學習指南來幫助他們在第一次嘗試中通過考試。

CompTIA Data + (DAO-001)認證指南將為您提供準備、分析和報告資料以獲得更好洞察力的堅實基礎。



- 熟悉DAO-001考試涵蓋的五個領域。
- 瞭解考試涵蓋的所有主要概念以及何時應用它們。
- 瞭解ETL和ELT背後的基本概念。
- 探索各種填補和刪除缺失資料的方法。
- 識別和處理異常值。
- 學習並執行假設檢驗。
- 創建有洞察力的報告來展示您的發現。