Quantum Computing Algorithms: Discover how a little math goes a long way

Burd, Barry

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  • 出版日期: 2023-09-22
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  • 相關分類: Algorithms-data-structures量子計算
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Explore essential quantum computing algorithms and master concepts intuitively with minimal math expertise required

Key Features

  • Learn the fundamentals with an introduction to matrix arithmetic
  • Write quantum computing programs in Qiskit—IBM’s publicly available quantum computing website
  • Email your questions directly to the author—no question is too elementary
  • Purchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free PDF eBook

Book Description

Navigate the quantum computing spectrum with this book, bridging the gap between abstract, math-heavy texts and math-avoidant beginner guides. Unlike intermediate-level books that often leave gaps in comprehension, this all-encompassing guide offers the missing links you need to truly understand the subject.

Balancing intuition and rigor, this book empowers you to become a master of quantum algorithms. No longer confined to canned examples, you'll acquire the skills necessary to craft your own quantum code. Quantum Computing Algorithms is organized into four sections to build your expertise progressively.

The first section lays the foundation with essential quantum concepts, ensuring that you grasp qubits, their representation, and their transformations. Moving to quantum algorithms, the second section focuses on pivotal algorithms — specifically, quantum key distribution and teleportation.

The third section demonstrates the transformative power of algorithms that outpace classical computation and makes way for the fourth section, helping you to expand your horizons by exploring alternative quantum computing models.

By the end of this book, quantum algorithms will cease to be mystifying as you make this knowledge your asset and enter a new era of computation, where you have the power to shape the code of reality.

What you will learn

  • Define quantum circuits
  • Harness superposition and entanglement to solve classical problems
  • Gain insights into the implementation of quantum teleportation
  • Explore the impact of quantum computing on cryptography
  • Translate theoretical knowledge into practical skills by writing and executing code on real quantum hardware
  • Expand your understanding of this domain by uncovering alternative quantum computing models

Who this book is for

This book is for individuals familiar with algebra and computer programming, eager to delve into modern physics concepts. Whether you've dabbled in introductory quantum computing material or are seeking deeper insights, this quantum computing book is your gateway to in-depth exploration.




- 通過矩陣算術的介紹學習基礎知識。
- 在 Qiskit 上編寫量子計算程序,這是 IBM 公開提供的量子計算網站。
- 直接向作者發送問題的電子郵件,沒有問題太基礎。
- 購買印刷版或 Kindle 版本的書籍將包含免費的 PDF 電子書。








- 定義量子電路。
- 利用超位置和纏繞解決經典問題。
- 獲得量子傳輸的實現見解。
- 探索量子計算對密碼學的影響。
- 通過在真實的量子硬件上編寫和執行代碼,將理論知識轉化為實踐技能。
- 通過揭示替代的量子計算模型來擴展對這一領域的理解。



  1. New Ways to Think about Bits
  2. What Is a Qubit?
  3. Math for Qubits and Quantum Gates
  4. Qubit Conspiracy Theories
  5. A Fanciful Tale about Cryptography
  6. Quantum Networking and Teleportation
  7. Deutsch's Algorithm
  8. Grover’s Algorithm
  9. Shor’s Algorithm
  10. Some Other Directions for Quantum Computing