ASP.NET 8 Best Practices: Explore techniques, patterns, and practices to develop effective large-scale .NET web apps

Danylko, Jonathan R.

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  • 出版日期: 2023-12-29
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Improve your ASP.NET skills with industry-proven techniques and practices to make your code efficient and maintainable throughout the software development lifecycle

Key Features

  • Get to grips with standard guidelines for every phase of the SDLC, encompassing pre-coding, coding, and post-coding stages
  • Build high-quality software by employing industry best practices throughout the development process
  • Apply proven techniques to improve your coding, debugging, and deployment processes for websites
  • Purchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free PDF eBook

Book Description

As .NET 8 emerges as a long-term support (LTS) release designed to assist developers in migrating legacy applications to ASP.NET, this best practices book becomes your go-to guide for exploring the intricacies of ASP.NET and advancing your skills as a software engineer, full-stack developer, or web architect.

This book will lead you through project structure and layout, setting up robust source control, and employing pipelines for automated project building. You’ll focus on ASP.NET components and gain insights into their commonalities. As you advance, you’ll cover middleware best practices, learning how to handle frontend tasks involving JavaScript, CSS, and image files. You’ll examine the best approach for working with Blazor applications and familiarize yourself with controllers and Razor Pages. Additionally, you’ll discover how to leverage Entity Framework Core and exception handling in your application. In the later chapters, you’ll master components that enhance project organization, extensibility, security, and performance.

By the end of this book, you’ll have acquired a comprehensive understanding of industry-proven concepts and best practices to build real-world ASP.NET 8.0 websites confidently.

What you will learn

  • Explore the common IDE tools used in the industry
  • Identify the best approach for organizing source control, projects, and middleware
  • Uncover and address top web security threats, implementing effective strategies to protect your code
  • Optimize Entity Framework for faster query performance using best practices
  • Automate software through continuous integration/continuous deployment
  • Gain a solid understanding of the .NET Core coding fundamentals for building websites
  • Harness HtmlHelpers, TagHelpers, ViewComponents, and Blazor for component-based development

Who this book is for

This book is for developers who have working knowledge of ASP.NET and want to advance in their careers by learning best practices followed in developer communities or corporate environments. Beginners can use this book as a springboard for integrating best practices into their learning journey, and as a reference to gain clarity on advanced ASP.NET topics at a later time.




- 瞭解每個軟體開發生命週期階段的標準指南,包括編碼前、編碼中和編碼後階段。
- 通過在開發過程中採用業界最佳實踐,構建高質量的軟體。
- 應用經過驗證的技巧,改進網站的編碼、調試和部署過程。
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隨著.NET 8成為長期支援(LTS)版本,旨在幫助開發人員將遺留應用程式遷移到ASP.NET,這本最佳實踐書成為您探索ASP.NET的細節並提升您作為軟體工程師、全棧開發人員或網站架構師技能的指南。

本書將引導您了解專案結構和佈局,建立強大的源代碼控制,並使用流程管道進行自動化專案構建。您將專注於ASP.NET組件並深入了解它們的共同點。隨著您的進一步學習,您將探討中間件的最佳實踐,學習處理涉及JavaScript、CSS和圖像文件的前端任務的方法。您將研究處理Blazor應用程式的最佳方法,並熟悉控制器和Razor Pages。此外,您還將發現如何在應用程式中利用Entity Framework Core和異常處理。在後面的章節中,您將掌握增強專案組織、可擴展性、安全性和性能的組件。

通過閱讀本書,您將全面了解業界驗證的概念和最佳實踐,自信地構建ASP.NET 8.0的實際網站。


- 探索業界常用的IDE工具。
- 確定組織源代碼控制、專案和中間件的最佳方法。
- 發現並解決頂級網站安全威脅,實施有效的保護代碼策略。
- 使用最佳實踐優化Entity Framework,提高查詢性能。
- 通過持續整合/持續部署自動化軟體。
- 獲得.NET Core編碼基礎知識,用於構建網站。
- 利用HtmlHelpers、TagHelpers、ViewComponents和Blazor進行基於組件的開發。




  1. Taking Control with Source Control
  2. CI/CD – Building Quality Software Automatically
  3. Best Approaches for Middleware
  4. Applying Security From The Start
  5. Optimizing Data Access with Entity Framework Core
  6. Best Practices for Web User Interfaces
  7. Testing Your Code
  8. Catching Exceptions with Exception Handling
  9. Creating Better Web APIs
  10. Push Your Application with Performance
  11. Appendix


1. 使用源碼控制來掌控程式碼
2. CI/CD - 自動建構高品質軟體
3. 最佳的中介軟體方法
4. 從一開始就應用安全性
5. 使用 Entity Framework Core 優化資料存取
6. 網頁使用者介面的最佳實踐
7. 測試你的程式碼
8. 使用例外處理捕捉異常
9. 建立更好的網頁 API
10. 提升應用程式的效能
11. 附錄