Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance for Administrators: A definitive guide to planning, implementing, and maintaining Microsoft 365 security posture

Kranjac, Sasha, Kudovic, Omar

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  • 出版日期: 2024-03-29
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Master the art of configuring and securing Microsoft 365, emphasizing robust security and compliance features, and managing privacy and risk in the Microsoft 365 environment

Key Features
  • Protect and defend your organization with the capabilities of the Microsoft 365 Defender family
  • Discover, classify, and safeguard sensitive organizational data against loss, leakage, and exposure
  • Collaborate securely while adhering to regulatory compliance and governance standards
  • Purchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free PDF eBook
Book Description

In today's hostile cyber landscape, securing data and complying with regulations is paramount for individuals, businesses, and organizations alike. Learn how Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance offers powerful tools to protect sensitive data and defend against evolving cyber threats with this comprehensive guide for administrators.

Starting with an introduction to Microsoft 365 plans and essential compliance and security features, this book delves into the role of Azure Active Directory in Microsoft 365, laying the groundwork for a robust security framework. You'll then advance to exploring the complete range of Microsoft 365 Defender security products, their coverage, and unique protection services to combat evolving threats.

From threat mitigation strategies to governance and compliance best practices, you'll gain invaluable insights into classifying and protecting data while mastering crucial data lifecycle capabilities in Microsoft 365.

By the end of this book, you'll be able to elevate the security and compliance posture of your organization significantly.

What you will learn
  • Maintain your Microsoft 365 security and compliance posture
  • Plan and implement security strategies
  • Manage data retention and lifecycle
  • Protect endpoints and respond to incidents manually and automatically
  • Implement, manage, and monitor security and compliance solutions
  • Leverage Microsoft Purview to address risk and compliance challenges
  • Understand Azure Active Directory's role in Microsoft 365 Security
Who this book is for

This book is for security professionals, security administrators, and security responders looking to increase their knowledge and technical depth when it comes to Microsoft 365 security and compliance solutions and features. However, anyone aiming to enhance their security and compliance posture within the Microsoft 365 environment will find this book useful. Familiarity with fundamental Microsoft 365 concepts and navigating and accessing portals, along with basic Microsoft 365 administration experience is assumed.

Table of Contents
  1. Getting Started with Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance
  2. Role of Microsoft Entra ID in Microsoft 365 Security
  3. Microsoft Defender for Office 365
  4. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
  5. Getting Started with Microsoft Purview
  6. Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps
  7. Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management
  8. Microsoft Defender For Identity
  9. Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management
  10. Microsoft Purview Information Protection
  11. Understanding the Lifecycle of Auditing and Records


精通配置和保護Microsoft 365的藝術,強調強大的安全和合規功能,以及在Microsoft 365環境中管理隱私和風險。

- 使用Microsoft 365 Defender系列的功能來保護和捍衛您的組織
- 發現、分類和保護敏感的組織數據,防止損失、洩露和曝光
- 在遵守法規合規和治理標準的同時,安全地協作
- 購買印刷版或Kindle書籍將包含免費的PDF電子書

在今天充滿敵對的網絡環境中,保護數據並遵守法規對個人、企業和組織來說至關重要。本書是一本針對管理員的全面指南,介紹了Microsoft 365安全和合規提供的強大工具,用於保護敏感數據並抵禦不斷演變的網絡威脅。

從介紹Microsoft 365計劃和基本合規和安全功能開始,本書深入探討了Azure Active Directory在Microsoft 365中的作用,為建立強大的安全框架奠定基礎。然後,您將進一步探索Microsoft 365 Defender安全產品的完整範圍,以及它們的覆蓋範圍和獨特的保護服務,以應對不斷演變的威脅。

從威脅緩解策略到治理和合規最佳實踐,您將獲得有價值的見解,了解在Microsoft 365中對數據進行分類和保護的關鍵數據生命周期能力。


- 維護Microsoft 365的安全和合規狀態
- 計劃和實施安全策略
- 管理數據保留和生命周期
- 保護終端並手動和自動應對事件
- 實施、管理和監控安全和合規解決方案
- 利用Microsoft Purview解決風險和合規挑戰
- 了解Azure Active Directory在Microsoft 365安全中的作用

本書適合對Microsoft 365安全和合規解決方案和功能有興趣的安全專業人員、安全管理員和安全應對人員。然而,任何希望在Microsoft 365環境中提升安全和合規狀態的人都會發現本書很有用。假設讀者對基本的Microsoft 365概念、導航和訪問門戶以及基本的Microsoft 365管理經驗有所了解。

1. 開始使用Microsoft 365安全和合規
2. Azure Active Directory在Microsoft 365安全中的作用
3. Microsoft Defender for Office 365
4. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
5. 開始使用Microsoft Purview
6. Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps
7. Microsoft Defender漏洞管理
8. Microsoft Defender身份識別
9. Microsoft Purview內部風險管理
10. Microsoft Purview信息保護
11. 理解審計和記錄的生命周期