Salesforce Advanced Administrator Certification Guide Become a Certified Advanced Salesforce Administrator with this exam guide

Murru, Enrico

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Key Features

  • Learn advanced features to reduce implementation time and enhance your Salesforce administration skills
  • Develop the ability to solve critical issues with a proactive approach and deliver the best solution
  • Explore complex automation with workflows, approvals, process builder, and custom Apex coding

Book Description

The Salesforce Advanced Administrator certification extends beyond administrator certification, covering advanced platform features and functions such as configuration, automation, security, and customization. Complete with comprehensive coverage of all these topics and exam-oriented questions and mock tests, this Salesforce book will help you earn advanced administrator credentials.

You'll start your journey by mastering data access security, monitoring and auditing, and understanding best practices for handling change management and data across organizations. The book then delves into data model management for improving data quality and lets you explore Sales features such as products, schedules, quotes, and forecasting capabilities. As you progress, this book will guide you in working with content management to set up and maintain Salesforce content. You'll also master organizing your files and data using reports and dashboards. Finally, you'll learn how to use a combination of automation tools to solve business problems.

By the end of the book, you will have developed the skills required to get your advanced administrator credentials.

What you will learn

  • Master data security to monitor your org effectively
  • Explore best practices for handling change management across orgs
  • Extend the capabilities of Salesforce objects using advanced relationships, validation rules, and duplicate management
  • Handle file libraries with Salesforce CRM content
  • Understand ways to deliver the best solutions with Sales and Service Cloud applications
  • Build reports and dashboards to visualize data for better decision making
  • Customize your CRM with process automation features

Who this book is for

If you've already achieved your Salesforce administrator certification, this book will help you prepare for the Salesforce Advanced Administrator certification. You'll also find this guide useful if you are a Salesforce administrator or developer and want to maximize your administration skills with deeper knowledge of advanced Salesforce declarative features. 1-2 years of experience as a Salesforce administrator or developer is enough to help you to get the most out of the book.



  • 學習高級功能,減少實施時間並增強您的Salesforce管理技能

  • 培養解決關鍵問題的主動態度,並提供最佳解決方案的能力

  • 探索使用工作流程、審批、流程生成器和自定義Apex編碼的複雜自動化






  • 掌握數據安全性,有效監控您的組織

  • 探索處理組織間變更管理的最佳實踐

  • 使用高級關聯、驗證規則和重複管理擴展Salesforce對象的功能

  • 使用Salesforce CRM內容處理文件庫

  • 了解使用Sales和Service Cloud應用程序提供最佳解決方案的方法

  • 構建報告和儀表板以視覺化數據,以便做出更好的決策

  • 使用流程自動化功能自定義您的CRM




Enrico Murru is a solution and technical architect at WebResults (an engineering company), an Italian platinum Salesforce partner, and ISV. He completed his MSc in Electronic Engineering at the University of Cagliari in 2007. In 2009, he joined WebResults as a junior Salesforce developer. In 2013, he launched his first blog named Nerd @ Work. In 2016, he was nominated as the first Italian Salesforce MVP due to his commitment to the Salesforce community. In the same year, he started collecting Salesforce certifications, gaining 20 of them over the next 3 years, as part of his own path to the Salesforce Technical Architect certification. In 2016, he started one of his most popular projects, the ORGanizer for Salesforce Chrome and Firefox extension.


Enrico Murru 是 WebResults(一家工程公司)的解決方案和技術架構師,他是意大利的 Salesforce 白金合作夥伴和 ISV。他於 2007 年在卡利亞里大學完成了電子工程碩士學位。2009 年,他作為初級 Salesforce 開發人員加入了 WebResults。2013 年,他推出了他的第一個名為 Nerd @ Work 的博客。2016 年,由於他對 Salesforce 社區的貢獻,他被提名為首位意大利 Salesforce MVP。同年,他開始收集 Salesforce 認證,並在接下來的三年中獲得了其中的 20 個,作為他通往 Salesforce 技術架構師認證的一部分。2016 年,他開始了他最受歡迎的項目之一,即 Salesforce Chrome 和 Firefox 擴展程式 ORGanizer。


  1. Secure Data Access
  2. Auditing and Monitoring
  3. Change Management
  4. Extending Custom Objects
  5. Support Sales Strategies with Sales Cloud Features
  6. Service Cloud Applications
  7. Improving Data Quality with Duplicate Management
  8. Salesforce CRM Content Management
  9. Mastering Reports
  10. Visualizing Key Metrics with Dashboards
  11. Automation with Workflows
  12. Automating Record Approval with Approval Processes
  13. Lightning Process Builder
  14. Lightning Flows
  15. The Coding Approach
  16. Tips and Tricks for Passing Your Exam
  17. Mock Test A and B


- 安全的資料存取
- 審計和監控
- 變更管理
- 擴展自訂物件
- 使用Sales Cloud功能支援銷售策略
- Service Cloud應用程式
- 透過重複管理提升資料品質
- Salesforce CRM內容管理
- 精通報表
- 使用儀表板視覺化關鍵指標
- 使用工作流程自動化
- 使用核准流程自動化記錄核准
- Lightning流程生成器
- Lightning流程
- 程式碼方法
- 通過考試的技巧和訣竅
- 模擬測試A和B