Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online Cookbook: Over 100 actionable recipes to help you perform everyday tasks effectively in Microsoft 365 (Paperback)

Mahajan, Gaurav, Ghatak, Sudeep

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  • 出版日期: 2020-06-26
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Key Features

  • Gain a complete overview of popular Microsoft 365 services using practical recipes and expert insights
  • Collaborate with your team and external users effectively using SharePoint and Teams
  • Create no-code and low-code solutions, such as bots, forms, dashboards, and workflows, using the Power platform

Book Description

Microsoft 365 in an integrated suite that provides intelligent tools for managing everyday organizational tasks like content management, communication, creating reports, and automating business processes. With this book, you'll get to grips with popular apps from Microsoft, with a focus on enabling workspace collaboration and productivity using Microsoft SharePoint Online, Teams, and the Power Platform to name a few.

In addition to guiding you through the implementation of Microsoft 365 apps, this practical guide helps you to learn from a Microsoft consultant's extensive experience of working with the Microsoft business suite. Starting with a quick overview of the M365 ecosystem, the book covers recipes for implementing SharePoint Online for various content management tasks. You'll learn how to create sites for your organization and enhance collaboration across the business and then see how you can boost productivity with apps such as Microsoft Teams, Power Platform, Planner, Delve, and M365 Groups. Using a step-by-step approach, you'll also find out how to use the Power Platform efficiently, making the most of Microsoft PowerApps, Power Automate, PowerBI, and Power Virtual Agents. Finally, the book focuses on the SharePoint framework, which helps you to build custom Teams and SharePoint solutions.

By the end of the book, you'll be equipped with the skills required to set up Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online and be ready to enhance business productivity using a variety of tools.

What you will learn

  • Get to grips with a wide range of apps and cloud services in Microsoft 365
  • Discover ways to use SharePoint Online to create and manage content
  • Store and share documents using SharePoint Online
  • Improve your search experience with Microsoft Search
  • Leverage the Power Platform to build business solutions with Power Automate, Power Apps, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents
  • Enhance native capabilities in SharePoint and Teams using the SPFx framework
  • Use Microsoft Teams to meet, chat, and collaborate with colleagues or external users

Who this book is for

This book is for business professionals, IT administrators, enterprise developers and architects, and anyone who wants to get to grips with using M365 for effective implementation of Microsoft apps. Prior experience with Office 365 and SharePoint will assist with understanding the recipes effortlessly.



  • 使用實用的技巧和專家見解,全面了解流行的 Microsoft 365 服務

  • 使用 SharePoint 和 Teams,與團隊和外部使用者有效協作

  • 使用 Power 平台創建無代碼和低代碼解決方案,例如機器人、表單、儀表板和工作流程


Microsoft 365 是一個集成套件,提供智能工具來管理日常組織任務,如內容管理、溝通、報告創建和業務流程自動化。通過本書,您將深入了解 Microsoft 的流行應用程序,重點是使用 Microsoft SharePoint Online、Teams 和 Power 平台等工具實現工作協作和提高生產力。

除了指導您實施 Microsoft 365 應用程序外,這本實用指南還幫助您從 Microsoft 顧問的廣泛經驗中學習。從 M365 生態系統的快速概述開始,本書涵蓋了實施 SharePoint Online 進行各種內容管理任務的技巧。您將學習如何為組織創建站點,並增強業務的協作,然後了解如何使用 Microsoft Teams、Power 平台、Planner、Delve 和 M365 群組等應用程序提高生產力。通過逐步的方法,您還將了解如何高效使用 Power 平台,充分利用 Microsoft PowerApps、Power Automate、PowerBI 和 Power Virtual Agents。最後,本書重點介紹了 SharePoint 框架,幫助您構建自定義的 Teams 和 SharePoint 解決方案。

通過閱讀本書,您將掌握設置 Microsoft 365 和 SharePoint Online 所需的技能,並準備好使用各種工具提高業務生產力。


  • 熟悉 Microsoft 365 中各種應用程序和雲服務

  • 發現使用 SharePoint Online 創建和管理內容的方法

  • 使用 SharePoint Online 存儲和共享文件

  • 通過 Microsoft Search 改進搜索體驗

  • 利用 Power 平台使用 Power Automate、Power Apps、Power BI 和 Power Virtual Agents 構建業務解決方案

  • 使用 SPFx 框架增強 SharePoint 和 Teams 的本地功能

  • 使用 Microsoft Teams 與同事或外部使用者進行會議、聊天和協作


本書適合商業專業人士、IT 管理員、企業開發人員和架構師,以及任何希望有效實施 Microsoft 應用程序的人。具有 Office 365 和 SharePoint 的先前經驗將有助於輕鬆理解這些技巧。


  1. Overview of Microsoft 365
  2. Introduction to SharePoint Online
  3. Working with Modern Sites in SharePoint Online
  4. Working with Lists and Libraries in SharePoint Online
  5. Document Management in SharePoint
  6. Term Store and Content Types in SharePoint Online
  7. OneDrive for Business
  8. Search in Microsoft 365
  9. Office Delve
  10. Microsoft 365 Groups
  11. Microsoft Teams
  12. Yammer - The Enterprise Social Network
  13. Power Automate (Microsoft Flow)
  14. PowerApps
  15. Power BI
  16. Power Virtual Agents
  17. Planner
  18. Custom Development - SharePoint Framework
  19. Microsoft 365 on Mobile
  20. Appendix


- Microsoft 365 概述
- SharePoint Online 簡介
- 在 SharePoint Online 中使用現代網站
- 在 SharePoint Online 中使用清單和資料庫
- SharePoint 中的文件管理
- SharePoint Online 中的術語庫和內容類型
- OneDrive for Business
- Microsoft 365 中的搜尋
- Office Delve
- Microsoft 365 群組
- Microsoft Teams
- Yammer - 企業社交網絡
- Power Automate (Microsoft Flow)
- PowerApps
- Power BI
- Power Virtual Agents
- Planner
- 自訂開發 - SharePoint Framework
- Microsoft 365 在行動裝置上的應用
- 附錄