PostgreSQL 12 High Availability Cookbook 3rd Edition

Thomas, Shaun

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Databases are nothing without the data they store. In the event of an outage or technical catastrophe, immediate recovery is essential. This updated edition ensures that you will learn the important concepts related to node architecture design, as well as techniques such as using repmgr for failover automation. From cluster layout and hardware selection to software stacks and horizontal scalability, this PostgreSQL cookbook will help you build a PostgreSQL cluster that will survive crashes, resist data corruption, and grow smoothly with customer demand.

You’ll start by understanding how to plan a PostgreSQL database architecture that is resistant to outages and scalable, as it is the scaffolding on which everything rests. With the bedrock established, you'll cover the topics that PostgreSQL database administrators need to know to manage a highly available cluster. This includes configuration, troubleshooting, monitoring and alerting, backups through proxies, failover automation, and other considerations that are essential for a healthy PostgreSQL cluster. Later, you’ll learn to use multi-master replication to maximize server availability. Later chapters will guide you through managing major version upgrades without downtime.

By the end of this book, you’ll have learned how to build an efficient and adaptive PostgreSQL 12 database cluster.


數據庫沒有存儲的數據就毫無意義。在停機或技術災難的情況下,立即恢復是至關重要的。這本更新的版本確保您將學習與節點架構設計相關的重要概念,以及使用 repmgr 進行故障轉移自動化等技術。從集群佈局和硬件選擇到軟件堆棧和水平可擴展性,這本 PostgreSQL 烹飪書將幫助您構建一個能夠在崩潰中生存、抵抗數據損壞並根據客戶需求平穩增長的 PostgreSQL 集群。

您將首先了解如何規劃一個抗停機和可擴展的 PostgreSQL 數據庫架構,因為它是一切的基礎。在確立基礎之後,您將涵蓋 PostgreSQL 數據庫管理員需要了解的主題,以管理高可用性集群。這包括配置、故障排除、監控和警報、通過代理進行備份、故障轉移自動化以及其他對於健康的 PostgreSQL 集群至關重要的考慮因素。隨後,您將學習使用多主復制來最大化服務器的可用性。後面的章節將指導您在無停機的情況下進行主要版本升級的管理。

通過閱讀本書,您將學會如何構建一個高效且適應性強的 PostgreSQL 12 數據庫集群。


Shaun Thomas

Shaun Thomas has been experimenting with PostgreSQL since late 2000 and serves as a database consultant, teacher, blogger, and support engineer with 2ndQuadrant. He has presented at conferences such as Postgres Open, 2Q PGCONF, and PgConf on topics such as handling extreme throughput, high availability, failover techniques, monitoring tools, database architecture, multi-master conflict avoidance, and high availability upgrade concepts. He believes in a multi-disciplinary approach when it comes to high availability. He believes that PostgreSQL has a stupendous future ahead, and he can't wait to see the advancements subsequent versions will bring.


Shaun Thomas

Shaun Thomas自2000年末開始就一直在進行PostgreSQL的實驗,並擔任2ndQuadrant的數據庫顧問、教師、博客作者和支援工程師。他曾在Postgres Open、2Q PGCONF和PgConf等會議上發表過關於處理極高吞吐量、高可用性、故障轉移技術、監控工具、數據庫架構、多主衝突避免和高可用性升級概念等主題的演講。他認為在實現高可用性時應該採用多學科的方法。他相信PostgreSQL在未來會有非常出色的發展,並且迫不及待地期待著後續版本帶來的進步。


  1. Architectural Considerations
  2. Hardware Planning
  3. Minimizing Downtime
  4. Proxy and Pooling Resources
  5. Troubleshooting
  6. Monitoring
  7. PostgreSQL Replication
  8. Backup Management
  9. High Availability with repmgr
  10. High Availability with Patroni
  11. Low-Level Server Mirroring
  12. High Availability via Pacemaker
  13. High Availability with Multi-Master Replication
  14. Data Distribution
  15. Zero-downtime Upgrades




  1. 架構考量

  2. 硬體規劃

  3. 最小化停機時間

  4. 代理和資源池

  5. 故障排除

  6. 監控

  7. PostgreSQL 複寫

  8. 備份管理

  9. 使用 repmgr 實現高可用性

  10. 使用 Patroni 實現高可用性

  11. 低層級伺服器鏡像

  12. 使用 Pacemaker 實現高可用性

  13. 使用多主複寫實現高可用性

  14. 資料分佈

  15. 零停機升級