Xamarin.Forms Projects: Build multiplatform mobile apps and a game from scratch using C# and Visual Studio 2019

Hindrikes, Daniel, Karlsson, Johan

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Key Features

  • Develop mobile apps, AR games, and chatbots of varying complexity with the help of real-world examples
  • Explore the important features of Xamarin.Forms 4 such as Shell, CollectionView, and CarouselView
  • Get to grips with advanced concepts such as AR and VR and machine learning for mobile development

Book Description

Xamarin.Forms is a lightweight cross-platform development toolkit for building apps with a rich user interface. Improved and updated to cover the latest features of Xamarin.Forms, this second edition covers CollectionView and Shell, along with interesting concepts such as augmented reality (AR) and machine learning.

Starting with an introduction to Xamarin and how it works, this book shares tips for choosing the type of development environment you should strive for when planning cross-platform mobile apps. You’ll build your first Xamarin.Forms app and learn how to use Shell to implement the app architecture. The book gradually increases the level of complexity of the projects, guiding you through creating apps ranging from a location tracker and weather map to an AR game and face recognition. As you advance, the book will take you through modern mobile development frameworks such as SQLite, .NET Core Mono, ARKit, and ARCore. You’ll be able to customize your apps for both Android and iOS platforms to achieve native-like performance and speed. The book is filled with engaging examples, so you can grasp essential concepts by writing code instead of reading through endless theory.

By the end of this book, you’ll be ready to develop your own native apps with Xamarin.Forms and its associated technologies, such as .NET Core, Visual Studio 2019, and C#.

What you will learn

  • Set up Xamarin.Forms to build native apps with code-sharing capabilities
  • Understand the core aspects of developing a mobile app, such as its layout, UX, and rendering
  • Use custom renderers to gain platform-specific access
  • Discover how to create custom layouts for your apps with Xamarin.Forms Shell
  • Use Azure SignalR to implement serverless services in your Xamarin apps
  • Create an augmented reality (AR) game for Android and iOS using ARCore and ARKit, respectively
  • Build and train machine learning models using CoreML, TensorFlow, and Azure Cognitive Services

Who this book is for

This book is for C# and .NET developers who want to learn Xamarin.Forms and get started with native Xamarin mobile application development from the ground up. Working knowledge of Visual Studio will help you to get the most out of this book.



- 透過實際範例開發具有不同複雜度的行動應用程式、AR遊戲和聊天機器人
- 探索 Xamarin.Forms 4 的重要功能,如 Shell、CollectionView 和 CarouselView
- 瞭解行動開發中的高級概念,如AR和VR以及機器學習


Xamarin.Forms 是一個輕量級的跨平台開發工具包,用於構建具有豐富用戶界面的應用程式。第二版已經改進並更新,以涵蓋 Xamarin.Forms 的最新功能,包括 CollectionView 和 Shell,以及有趣的概念,如擴增實境(AR)和機器學習。

本書首先介紹 Xamarin 及其工作原理,並分享選擇跨平台行動應用程式開發環境的建議。您將建立第一個 Xamarin.Forms 應用程式,並學習如何使用 Shell 實現應用程式架構。本書逐步提高項目的複雜性,引導您創建從位置追踪器和天氣地圖到AR遊戲和人臉識別的應用程式。隨著進展,本書將引導您使用現代行動開發框架,如SQLite、.NET Core Mono、ARKit 和 ARCore。您將能夠為Android和iOS平台自定義應用程式,實現類似原生的性能和速度。本書充滿了引人入勝的範例,讓您可以通過編寫代碼而不是閱讀無盡的理論來掌握基本概念。

通過閱讀本書,您將準備好使用 Xamarin.Forms 及其相關技術(如.NET Core、Visual Studio 2019 和 C#)開發自己的原生應用程式。


- 設置 Xamarin.Forms 以構建具有代碼共享功能的原生應用程式
- 瞭解開發行動應用程式的核心方面,如佈局、UX 和渲染
- 使用自定義渲染器獲取特定平台的訪問權限
- 了解如何使用 Xamarin.Forms Shell 為應用程式創建自定義佈局
- 使用 Azure SignalR 在 Xamarin 應用程式中實現無伺服器服務
- 使用ARCore和ARKit分別為Android和iOS創建擴增實境(AR)遊戲
- 使用CoreML、TensorFlow和Azure Cognitive Services構建和訓練機器學習模型


本書適合C#和.NET開發人員,他們想要學習 Xamarin.Forms,並從頭開始進行原生 Xamarin 行動應用程式開發。熟悉Visual Studio將有助於您充分利用本書的內容。


Daniel Hindrikes is a developer and architect with a passion for developing mobile apps powered by the cloud. Daniel fell in love with Xamarin in the early days of Xamarin when he realized that he could use C# even for iOS and Android apps, and that he could share code with the Windows apps he was also building. But Daniel started to build mobile apps long before that, working on Android apps with Java and even Java ME apps (a long, long time ago). Daniel enjoys sharing his knowledge and can be found speaking at conferences, blogging, or recording the podcast, The Code Behind. Daniel works at the company tretton37 in Sweden and has experience working with both local and global customers.

Johan Karlsson has been working with Xamarin since the days of MonoTouch and Mono for Android, and it all started with writing a game. He is a full-stack developer, currently focusing on mobile applications using Xamarin, but has in the past worked a lot with ASP.NET MVC, Visual Basic.NET (not proud), and C# in general. Also, he's created a whole bunch of databases in SQL Server over the years. Johan works at tretton37 in Sweden and has about 20 years' experience in the trade of assembling ones and zeros.


Daniel Hindrikes 是一位開發人員和架構師,熱衷於開發由雲端驅動的移動應用程式。在 Xamarin 的早期,Daniel 就愛上了它,因為他意識到他可以使用 C# 來開發 iOS 和 Android 的應用程式,並且可以與他同時開發的 Windows 應用程式共享程式碼。但在那之前,Daniel 早就開始開發移動應用程式,使用 Java 開發 Android 應用程式,甚至是 Java ME 應用程式(很久很久以前的事了)。Daniel 喜歡分享自己的知識,可以在會議上演講、撰寫部落格,或錄製播客節目《The Code Behind》。Daniel 在瑞典的 tretton37 公司工作,擁有與本地和全球客戶合作的經驗。

Johan Karlsson 從 MonoTouch 和 Mono for Android 開始使用 Xamarin,一切都是從寫遊戲開始的。他是一位全端開發人員,目前專注於使用 Xamarin 開發移動應用程式,但過去也大量使用 ASP.NET MVC、Visual Basic.NET(不太自豪)和一般的 C# 開發。此外,他多年來還創建了許多 SQL Server 資料庫。Johan 在瑞典的 tretton37 公司工作,擁有約 20 年的組裝二進位數的經驗。


  1. Introduction to Xamarin
  2. Building Our First Xamarin.Forms App
  3. Building a News App Using Xamarin.Forms Shell
  4. A Matchmaking App with a Rich UX Using Animations
  5. Building a Photo Gallery App Using CollectionView and CarouselView
  6. Building a Location Tracking App Using GPS and Maps
  7. Building a Weather App for multiple Form Factors
  8. Setting Up a Backend for a Chat App Using Azure Services
  9. Building a Real-Time Chat Application
  10. Creating an Augmented Reality Game
  11. Hot Dog or Not Hot Dog Using Machine Learning


- Xamarin 簡介
- 使用 Xamarin.Forms 建立我們的第一個應用程式
- 使用 Xamarin.Forms Shell 建立新聞應用程式
- 使用動畫建立具有豐富使用者體驗的配對應用程式
- 使用 CollectionView 和 CarouselView 建立相片庫應用程式
- 使用 GPS 和地圖建立位置追蹤應用程式
- 建立適用於多種裝置的天氣應用程式
- 使用 Azure 服務建立聊天應用程式的後端
- 建立即時聊天應用程式
- 創建擴增實境遊戲
- 使用機器學習進行熱狗辨識應用程式