MVVM Survival Guide for Enterprise Architectures in Silverlight and WPF (Paperback)

Ryan Vice, Muhammad Shujaat Siddiqi

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  • 出版日期: 2012-06-10
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If you’re using Silverlight and WPF, then employing the MVVM pattern can make a powerful difference to your projects, reducing code and bugs in one. This book is an invaluable resource for serious developers.

  • Build an enterprise application using Silverlight and WPF, taking advantage of the powerful MVVM pattern, with this book and e-book
  • Discover the evolution of presentation patterns-by example-and see the benefits of MVVM in the context of the larger picture of presentation patterns
  • Customize the MVVM pattern for your projects needs by comparing the various implementation styles

In Detail

MVVM (Model View View Model) is a Microsoft best practices pattern for working in WPF and Silverlight that is highly recommended by both Microsoft and industry experts alike. This book will look at the reasons for the pattern still being slow to become an industry standard, addressing the pain points of MVVM. It will help Silverlight and WPF programmers get up and running quickly with this useful pattern.

MVVM Survival Guide for Enterprise Architectures in Silverlight and WPF will help you to choose the best MVVM approach for your project while giving you the tools, techniques, and confidence that you will need to succeed. Implementing MVVM can be a challenge, and this book will walk you through the main issues you will come across when using the pattern in real world enterprise applications.

This book will help you to improve your WPF and Silverlight application design, allowing you to tackle the many challenges in creating presentation architectures for enterprise applications. You will be given examples that show the strengths and weaknesses of each of the major patterns. The book then dives into a full 3 tier enterprise implementation of MVVM and takes you through the various options available and trade-offs for each approach. During your journey you will see how to satisfy all the demands of modern WPF and Silverlight enterprise applications including scalability, testability, extensibility, and blendability.

Complete your transition from ASP.NET and WinForms to Silverlight and WPF by embracing the new tools of these platforms, and the new design style that they allow for. MVVM Survival Guide for Enterprise Architectures in Silverlight and WPF will get you up to speed and ready to take advantage of this powerful new presentation platform.

What you will learn from this book

  • Maximize separation of concerns by taking advantage of WPF and Silverlight's rich binding system, templates, and commanding infrastructure
  • Discover the built-in support for MVVM in Entity Framework and WCF
  • Create unit testable user interfaces the MVVM way
  • Work in parallel with minimal dependencies by creating blendable architectures
  • Solve common MVVM problems both with and without frameworks depending on your preference
  • Extend your architecture and test it by using inversion of control frameworks
  • Tackle complex designs by using hierarchical view model design and mediators
  • Reduce the amount of code in your user interface by letting the WPF and Silverlights binding system eliminate your need to do things like casting controls and dispatching
  • Best practices for dealing with collections
  • Create designs that allow for dramatically changing your user interface without having to change code outside the view using data templates



- 使用Silverlight和WPF構建企業應用程序,並利用強大的MVVM模式,這本書和電子書將為您提供幫助。
- 通過實例了解演示模式的演變,並在整個演示模式的大局中看到MVVM的好處。
- 通過比較不同的實現風格,為您的項目需求定制MVVM模式。


MVVM(Model View View Model)是一種在WPF和Silverlight中工作的Microsoft最佳實踐模式,被Microsoft和行業專家強烈推薦。本書將探討該模式仍然未能成為行業標準的原因,並解決MVVM的痛點。它將幫助Silverlight和WPF程序員快速上手使用這種有用的模式。

《MVVM Survival Guide for Enterprise Architectures in Silverlight and WPF》將幫助您為項目選擇最佳的MVVM方法,同時為您成功所需的工具、技術和信心。實施MVVM可能是一個挑戰,本書將引導您解決在真實世界企業應用程序中使用該模式時遇到的主要問題。


通過接受這些平台的新工具和新設計風格,完成從ASP.NET和WinForms到Silverlight和WPF的轉型。《MVVM Survival Guide for Enterprise Architectures in Silverlight and WPF》將使您能夠迅速掌握並利用這個強大的新演示平台。


- 通過充分利用WPF和Silverlight豐富的綁定系統、模板和命令基礎設施,最大程度地分離關注點。
- 發現Entity Framework和WCF中對MVVM的內置支持。
- 以MVVM方式創建可單元測試的用戶界面。
- 通過創建可混合的架構,並且最小化依賴關係,實現並行工作。
- 根據您的偏好,解決常見的MVVM問題,無論是使用框架還是不使用框架。
- 通過使用控制反轉框架擴展您的架構並對其進行測試。
- 通過使用分層的視圖模型設計和中介者解決複雜的設計問題。
- 通過讓WPF和Silverlight的綁定系統消除您對於像轉換控制和調度等操作的需求,減少用戶界面中的代碼量。
- 處理集合的最佳實踐。
- 通過使用數據模板創建允許在不更改視圖外部代碼的情況下大幅更改用戶界面的設計。