Essential Mathematical Biology (Paperback)

Nicholas F. Britton




Essential Mathematical Biology is a self-contained introduction to the fast-growing field of mathematical biology. Written for students with a mathematical background, it sets the subject in its historical context and then guides the reader towards questions of current research interest, providing a comprehensive overview of the field and a solid foundation for interdisciplinary research in the biological sciences. A broad range of topics is covered including: Population dynamics, Infectious diseases, Population genetics and evolution, Dispersal, Molecular and cellular biology, Pattern formation, and Cancer modelling. This book will appeal to 3rd and 4th year undergraduate students studying mathematical biology. A background in calculus and differential equations is assumed, although the main results required are collected in the appendices. A dedicated website at accompanies the book and provides further exercises, more detailed solutions to exercises in the book, and links to other useful sites.

Table of Contents:

Single Species Population Dynamics.- Population Dynamics of Interacting Species.- Infectious Diseases.- Population Genetics and Evolution.- Biological Motion.- Molecular and Cellular Biology.- Pattern Formation.- Tumour Modelling.- Further Reading.- Some Techniques for Difference Equations.- Some Techniques for Ordinary Differential Equations.- Some Techniques for Partial Differential Equations.- Non-negative Matrices.- Hints for Exercises.- Index.


Essential Mathematical Biology 是一本獨立的數學生物學入門書籍,針對具備數學背景的學生撰寫。該書將主題置於其歷史背景中,並引導讀者進入當前研究興趣的問題,提供了該領域的全面概述,並為生物科學的跨學科研究奠定了堅實基礎。書中涵蓋了廣泛的主題,包括:人口動態、傳染病、人口遺傳學和進化、散佈、分子和細胞生物學、模式形成和癌症建模。該書適用於修讀數學生物學的三年級和四年級本科生。假設讀者具備微積分和微分方程的背景,儘管所需的主要結果已收錄在附錄中。書籍的專屬網站提供了進一步的練習題、書中練習題的更詳細解答以及其他有用網站的連結。