Synchronization And Control Of Chaos: An Introduction For Scientists And Engineers

Jesus M. Gonzalez-miranda



This book presents a comprehensive overview of the research and latest developments in the field of the dynamics of coupled and driven chaotic oscillators, aimed at a wide audience. Since 1990, there has been very active research devoted to the field, culminating in a considerable body of knowledge, while active research continues.

The results presented in the book will be valuable for scientific analysis and explanation in various different scientific disciplines, with potential applications in medicine and engineering. The contents include a selection of the most basic theoretical results, as well as experiments and applications presented at a mathematical level suited to readers working in non-hard sciences. It will also be of interest to physicists and mathematicians looking for an introduction to the field.


Table of Contents:

  • Dynamics of Coupled and Driven Harmonic Oscillators
  • Chaotic Oscillators
  • Periodically Driven Chaotic Oscillators
  • Chaotic Oscillators Driven by Chaotic Signals
  • Perturbing Chaotic Systems to Control Chaos
  • Mutually Coupled Identical Chaotic Oscillator
  • Mutually Coupled Non-Identical Oscillators
  • On the Dynamics of Coupled and Driven Chaotic Oscillators



- 耦合和驅動諧波振盪器的動力學
- 混沌振盪器
- 周期性驅動的混沌振盪器
- 被混沌信號驅動的混沌振盪器
- 扰動混沌系統以控制混沌
- 相互耦合的相同混沌振盪器
- 相互耦合的非相同振盪器
- 耦合和驅動混沌振盪器的動力學