Professional Java Custom UI Components

Kenneth F. Krutsch, David S. Cargo, Virginia Howlett

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This book details the design and implementation of professional-grade Java custom user interface components, primarily for use within Internet browsers. Interoperability with the current Internet browsers requires design patterns that provide efficient screen rendering while minimizing the component download time. This book demonstrates proven techniques for developing and deploying client-side Java components and applets that are efficient, and compatible with modern Internet browsers, without the use of external software or plug-ins.

This book introduces custom component development by utilizing a simple example, which has been refined during its use within a college course. It then walks through the design and development of a number of examples derived from actual production code. The book is supported by a download containing thousands of lines of tested code along with comprehensive documentation. Visual design, user interface project management, and code maintenance are also discussed, putting the code details into perspective.

This book covers: Visual design of user interfaces
Using AWT and Swing in custom components
Implementing design patterns
Browser interoperability
Building component frameworks
Detailed examination of tested production quality code
Code maintenance