ASP.NET Mobile Controls: Tutorial Guide: Adaptive Web Content for Mobile Devices (Paperback)

Costas Hadjisotiriou, Srinivasa Sivakumar, Matt Butler, Matthew Gibbs, Neil Raybould

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  • ISBN-13: 9781861005229
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The ASP.NET mobile controls give developers the tools they need to create sites and applications that are accessible from a variety of devices. They are contained in an optional add-in called the Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit, which can be installed on top of the .NET Framework. This toolkit contains the controls themselves, plus some additional functionality that can be utilized by Visual Studio .NET for producing mobile applications.

This book is designed to cover three areas. The first section teaches the basic concepts of mobile development, and walks the reader through the basics of WAP, WML, and the concepts of devices with limitations in size, memory, screen, bandwidth, etc. The core section of the book goes on to teach ASP.NET developers how to create mobile controls to produce targeted output suitable for viewing on one of these devices. The next section then applies this to Visual Studio .NET, with chapters showing how to do this from within the Studio environment. The book finishes with a case study, collecting the concepts discussed throughout the book into a worked example. This book teaches the ASP.NET programmer all of the necessary concepts they need to understand to be able to competently create applications using these controls.


ASP.NET行動控制項提供開發人員所需的工具,以創建可從各種設備訪問的網站和應用程序。它們包含在一個可選的附加組件中,稱為Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit,可以安裝在.NET Framework之上。該工具包包含控制項本身,以及一些額外的功能,可供Visual Studio .NET用於生成行動應用程序。

本書旨在涵蓋三個方面。第一部分教授行動開發的基本概念,並引導讀者了解WAP、WML以及具有尺寸、內存、屏幕、帶寬等限制的設備的概念。本書的核心部分則教授ASP.NET開發人員如何創建行動控制項,以生成適合在這些設備上查看的目標輸出。接下來的部分將這一概念應用於Visual Studio .NET,其中的章節展示如何在Studio環境中實現這一目標。本書以一個案例研究結束,將全書討論的概念整合到一個實例中。本書教授ASP.NET程序員所有必要的概念,以便能夠熟練地使用這些控制項創建應用程序。