Professional XML for .NET Developers

Dinar Dalvi, Darshan Singh, Kevin Williams, Andy Olsen, J. Michael Palermo IV, John Slater, Bipin Joshi, Joe Gray, Fredrik Normén, Francis Norton

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XML is now an established technology for the description and transportation of data, and has made a major impact on almost every aspect of software development. When Microsoft introduced the .NET Framework, they took advantage of XML wherever they could. No other technology is so tightly bound with .NET as XML, both at the developer level and underlying the whole framework.

This book aims to give the reader enough information to be able to use XML from within the .NET Framework in the most efficient manner possible. It will explain in detail the usage of all the XML-related .NET Framework library classes for the manipulation, validation, transformation, and serialization of XML data, using both C# and Visual Basic .NET. It also looks at how the developer can utilize the full power of XML within the .NET Framework, for example, with the new XML capabilities of ADO.NET and ASP.NET. As is demonstrated, the .NET Framework itself uses XML, in configuration files, meta data, and C#'s XML code documentation mechanism, for example.

This book is aimed at intermediate-level programmers who have started on their journey towards .NET development, and who want to see how to use XML within their applications to its best advantage. Basic knowledge of C# or Visual Basic .NET, XML, and XML related technologies (XSLT, XPath, and XML Schemas) is necessary.

This book covers:

Reading and writing XML
DOM navigation and XSL transformations of XML
Validating and serializing XML
MSXML vs System.Xml
ADO.NET and ASP.NET XML support
Web Services and SOAP
XML code documentation


XML現在已成為描述和傳輸數據的成熟技術,對軟體開發的幾乎每個方面都產生了重大影響。當微軟引入.NET Framework時,他們充分利用了XML。在.NET中,沒有其他技術像XML一樣與.NET緊密結合,無論是在開發者層面還是在整個框架的基礎上。

本書旨在為讀者提供足夠的信息,以便能夠以最高效的方式從.NET Framework中使用XML。它將詳細解釋使用所有與XML相關的.NET Framework庫類進行XML數據的操作、驗證、轉換和序列化,並使用C#和Visual Basic .NET兩種語言進行示範。它還介紹了開發者如何在.NET Framework中充分利用XML的強大功能,例如使用ADO.NET和ASP.NET的新XML功能。正如所示,.NET Framework本身使用XML,例如在配置文件、元數據和C#的XML代碼文檔機制中。

本書針對已經開始進入.NET開發之旅的中級程式設計師,希望他們了解如何在應用程序中充分利用XML的優勢。需要基本的C#或Visual Basic .NET、XML和XML相關技術(XSLT、XPath和XML Schema)的知識。

- 讀取和寫入XML
- DOM導航和對XML的XSL轉換
- 驗證和序列化XML
- MSXML vs System.Xml
- Web服務和SOAP
- 遠程調用
- XML代碼文檔