Visual C++ .NET: A Primer for C++ Developers (Paperback)

Aravind Corera, Stephen Fraser, Sam Gentile, Niranjan Kumar, Scott McLean, Simon Robinson, PG Sarang

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The .NET Framework creates a level playing field upon which all languages are equal, so using C++ to develop your Windows applications is no guarantee of high performance. However, Visual C++ .NET is the only language that's capable of mixing managed and unmanaged code, offering ways to integrate your existing code base with new .NET development that no other language can match. Additionally, the expansion of ATL into web application programming brings with it the possibility of writing web services that outperform anything developed in ASP.NET.

In this book, we provide you with a guide to both paths. In the first half, we explore the .NET Framework and examine its properties in C++ terms. In the second, we see that traditional C++ programming still has a big part to play on the stage of distributed computing.

What does the book cover? Changes and improvements to the Visual C++ IDE
Complete introduction to using the Managed Extensions for C++
The role of attributes in .NET and COM programming
Assemblies, and their support for strong naming and versioning
Interoperation between managed and unmanaged code
The RCW mechanism for COM and .NET interoperability
ATL 7.0, ATL Server, and ATL Server web services
The .NET Framework as a Windows class library


.NET Framework創造了一個公平競爭的平台,使得所有語言都平等,因此使用C++來開發Windows應用程序並不能保證高性能。然而,Visual C++ .NET是唯一能夠混合管理和非管理代碼的語言,提供了將現有代碼庫與新的.NET開發相集成的方法,其他語言無法匹敵。此外,ATL擴展到Web應用程序編程,帶來了撰寫優於ASP.NET開發的Web服務的可能性。

在本書中,我們為您提供了兩條路徑的指南。在第一部分中,我們探索了.NET Framework並以C++的術語來研究其特性。在第二部分中,我們看到傳統的C++編程在分布式計算的舞台上仍然扮演著重要角色。

- Visual C++ IDE的變化和改進
- 完整介紹如何使用Managed Extensions for C++
- .NET和COM編程中屬性的作用
- 組件(Assemblies)及其對強命名和版本控制的支持
- 管理和非管理代碼之間的互操作性
- COM和.NET互操作性的RCW機制
- ATL 7.0、ATL Server和ATL Server Web服務
- .NET Framework作為Windows類庫的使用