Early Adopter J2SE 1.4 (Paperback)

James Hart

  • 出版商: Wrox Press
  • 出版日期: 2001-09-15
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  • 售價: 1.9$199
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 203
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1861006055
  • ISBN-13: 9781861006059
  • 相關分類: Java 程式語言
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Due for release in quarter 4 of 2001, version 1.4 of the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition, is set to be the biggest upgrade to the functionality of the basic Java platform since the release of Java 2 over two years ago. The latest version, until recently known by the codename Merlin, represents a true commitment by Sun and the Java community to turn Java into a viable client platform, after several years of concentrating on the server.

Early Adopter J2SE 1.4 presents assesses the significance of the changes to the Java 2 platform that Merlin introduces. We will be looking at functions that have been added or modified, and see how they impact on the Java application developer's life. Throughout this book, we will use the public beta version of the J2SE 1.4 SDK to demonstrate the platform's new capabilities.

This book covers:

  • Installation and working with the J2SE 1.4 public beta
  • The new I/O framework
  • Improvements for client and GUI applications including JNLP
  • Java's new built-in XML capabilities
  • New utility functions including preferences and regular expressions
  • Additional features to the Java language, such as assertions
  • A look to the additional features in the future of the Java 2 platform
  • 商品描述(中文翻譯)

    預計於2001年第4季發布的Java 2平台標準版1.4版本,將是自兩年前Java 2發布以來對基本Java平台功能的最大升級。最新版本,直到最近被稱為Merlin代號,代表了Sun和Java社區將Java打造成一個可行的客戶端平台的真正承諾,此前數年一直專注於服務器端。《早期採用者J2SE 1.4》評估了Merlin引入的Java 2平台變化的重要性。我們將研究已添加或修改的功能,並看看它們對Java應用程序開發人員的生活有何影響。在本書中,我們將使用J2SE 1.4公測版SDK來展示平台的新功能。本書涵蓋以下內容:安裝和使用J2SE 1.4公測版、新的I/O框架、用於客戶端和GUI應用程序的改進,包括JNLP、Java的新內建XML功能、新的實用功能,包括首選項和正則表達式、Java語言的其他功能,如斷言、對Java 2平台未來的其他功能的展望。