The Art of Maya: An Introduction to 3D Computer Graphics, 4/e (Paperback)

Autodesk Maya Press




The Art of Maya, 4th Edition is an introduction to 3D computer graphics unlike any other. This full color visual exploration of the theory of Maya is rich with diagrams and illustrations that demonstrate the critical concepts of 3D time and space, and helps explain the principles of 3D modeling, animation, dynamics and rendering. The also includes a series of production notes detailing how skilled Maya artists have worked with the software to create production quality films, games, visualizations, and animations. The accompanying CD includes Maya Personal Learning Edition.

This books covers:
3D Computer Graphics
Time and Space
Animation (Setting Keys, Non-linear Animation, Rigid Body Dynamics)Modeling (NURBS, Polygons, Subdivision Surfaces)
Deformations (Deforming Objects, Lattices and Clusters)
Character Animation
Materials and Textures (Shading Networks, Texture Maps, Bumps and Displacements)
Digital Cinematography (Shadows, Lighting, Cameras)
Effects (Particles, Paint Effects, Fluids, Cloth, Long Hair)
Interactive 3D (Game Creation, Building Levels)