Revolutionary After Effects 5.5 Enhancing Digital Video (Paperback)

George Kingsnorth, Christian Darkin, Peter Reynolds, Ned Soltz, Darren Smith, Mark Welland, Paul Logan

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  • 出版日期: 2002-05-31
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN-13: 9781903450789
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The final cut is only the beginning.

The latest release of Adobe's comprehensive compositing and visual effects tool offers an unparalleled range of special effects options to the digital video maker. With new 3D tools, brand new effects and increased productivity and workflow management, After Effects 5.5 is the last word in creating stunning visual experiences for video, film and the web.

Revolutionary After Effects 5.5 brings you everything that this new version has to offer, both Standard Version and Production Bundle and will teach you everything you need to have sheer digital beauty, on your desktop, in the palm of your hand.

Whatever your level, DVision books deliver the core skills, advanced techniques and real-world case studies to send your digital video projects sky-high. Revolutionary After Effects 5.5 covers all you need to know, before you need to know it, backing up every piece of theory with solid practical tutorials:

What this book covers:

- Setting up your hardware and importing material from a wide range of sources

- Compositing and building layers

- Animation and Effects

- Rendering your composite for DV or the web

- Three full case studies - compositing a CGI animation, creating a web site banner, and enhancing a music video - to put it all into practice

Who this book is for:

Revolutionary After Effects 5.5 will radically improve your output if you are:

- A digital editor looking to advance your skills and polish your productions

- A digital artist wishing to enhance your skillset and quickly master a complex package

Summary of Contents

1 - After Effects: What its all About and How to Set it up

2 - An Overview of the Software Features

3 - Setting Up a New Project in After Effects

4 - Importing and Compositing

5 - Explorng the Timeline: Adding and Manipulating clips

6 - Building Layers and Introducing 3D

7 - Filters and Effects

8 - Render it Right!

9 - Managing Projects

Case Study 1 - Android Child

Case Study 2 - Creating a Website Banner

Case Study 3- Enhancing to Music



Adobe最新版本的綜合合成和視覺效果工具為數字視頻製作者提供了無與倫比的特效選項。全新的3D工具、全新的效果和提高的生產力和工作流程管理使After Effects 5.5成為創建令人驚嘆的視覺體驗的終極選擇,適用於視頻、電影和網頁。

革命性的After Effects 5.5為您帶來了這個新版本所提供的一切,包括標準版本和生產套件,並將教您擁有純粹的數字美感,無論是在桌面上還是在手中。

無論您的水平如何,DVision圖書都提供核心技能、高級技巧和實際案例研究,將您的數字視頻項目推向新高度。革命性的After Effects 5.5涵蓋了您需要了解的一切,並在每一個理論方面提供堅實的實踐教程:


- 設置硬件並從各種來源導入素材

- 合成和建立圖層

- 動畫和效果

- 將合成素材渲染為DV或網頁格式

- 三個完整案例研究 - 合成CGI動畫、創建網站橫幅和增強音樂視頻 - 將理論付諸實踐



- 一位數字編輯希望提升技能並改進製作品質的人

- 一位數字藝術家希望增強技能並快速掌握複雜軟件的人


1 - After Effects:概述和設置

2 - 軟件功能概述

3 - 在After Effects中建立新項目

4 - 導入和合成

5 - 探索時間軸:添加和操作片段

6 - 建立圖層和介紹3D

7 - 過濾器和效果

8 - 正確渲染!

9 - 項目管理

案例研究1 - Android Child

案例研究2 - 創建網站橫幅

案例研究3 - 增強音樂