.NET Mobile Web Developer's Guide (Paperback)

Steve Milroy, Ken Cox, DotThatCom.com, Doug Safford, Laura Barker

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Everything You Need to Develop Mobile Web Applications Using .NET

The .NET Mobile Web Developer's Guide provides a solid foundation for developing mobile applications using Microsoft Technologies. With a focus on ASP.NET and the .NET Mobile Internet Toolkit, .NET Mobile Web Developer's Guide will give you the insight to use Microsoft Technologies for developing mobile applications. This book will also show you how to avoid having to customize the output of your application.

Master the Common Language Runtime (CLR)
The CLR is responsible for executing and managing the compiled output of code written in the .NET specific languages.

Implement Data Access with ADO.NET
ADO.NET DataSets are stored as XML and transmitted as XML. Transmitting data as XML guarantees interoperability

Develop Applications with Microsoft's Mobile Internet Toolkit
The Mobile Internet Toolkit is specificly for delivering real-time browser based applications.

Configure Users for Outlook Mobile Access Using Microsoft Outlook Moibile Manager
Discover how users of Outlook Mobile Access can set up their mail and message preferences

Learn to Create Mobile Device Emulators to Test Your Applications
Test your application on a variety of devices to ensure correct rendering on all of them.

Create a Fully Functional Mobile Movie Ticket Purchasing Application
Develop an application from beginning to end and deloy it on Mobile IE 3.0, Pocket IE for the handheld PC, Nokia 7110, Openwave version 5.0 and Siemens S45 devices.

Learn How to Use Mobile Controls
Mobile Controls create a layer of abstraction between your code and the markup language and specific device codes sent to connecting devices.

Use XML as a Data Source
In you mobile Webforms, retrieve reletively static data from XML files

Intergrate Microsoft SQL Server 2000 CE Edition with your Applications
To provide small devices with a robust database system, Microsoft has introduced SQL Server 2000 CE Edition.

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Steve Milroy
Ken Cox
Doug Safford
Laura Barker
Amit Kalani
Technical Editor: Wei Meng Lee









從頭開始開發一個應用程式,並在Mobile IE 3.0、Pocket IE(手持式電腦)、Nokia 7110、Openwave 5.0版本和Siemens S45設備上部署。



《將Microsoft SQL Server 2000 CE Edition與您的應用程式集成》
為了為小型設備提供強大的數據庫系統,微軟推出了SQL Server 2000 CE Edition。

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Steve Milroy
Ken Cox
Doug Safford
Laura Barker
Amit Kalani
技術編輯:Wei Meng Lee