Hack Proofing Your Wireless Network

Syngress, Eric Ouellet, Neal O'Farrell

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The Complete Guide to Protecting Your Wireless Network

Traditionally, someone had to be sitting in front of your computer to read your documents, see your e-mail, and play with your settings. Today, however, someone can be sitting in the office next door, a few floors up, or even in the next building, and have the same abilities as if he were in front of your computer. Are you using an 802.11 or Bluetooth device on your computer? Are you using a PDA to communicate with other systems or to get onto the Internet? Are you using a cellular phone to initiate a network connection back to your office? Have you just set up the latest wireless gateway at home? Are you planning on implementing a wireless solution in your office? Then you need Hack Proofing Your Wireless Network.

1. Understand the Limitations of Wireless Security
Review how incomplete standards and changing protocols affect your networks.
2. Establish Information Classification Procedures
Learn the 7 steps to establishing a classification system, which provides the first step in the creation of your security standards and policies.
3. Understand the Broadcast Nature of Wireless
Learn about the most commonly used radio transmission protocols, including Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS), Direct-Sequence Spread Spectrum (DRSS), and Infrared (IR).
4. Find Coverage of Sniffing, Interception, and Eavesdropping
Sniffing remains one of the most effective techniques in attacking a wireless network. Review sniffing and spoofing tools and protect against unauthorized attacks.
5. Design and Deploy a Secure Network
Review the WEP authentication process and it's advantages and disadvantages.
6. Think Like a Hacker
Understand how hackers choose the tools and equipment required for an attack and see how their techniques like "war driving" can be used against you.
7. Read about Intrusion Detection Strategies
Watch for unauthorized traffic and protocols and review popular monitoring products.
8. Design and Plan a Successful Audit
Learn the types of audits and best practices for auditing and security standards.
9. Develop a Wireless Security Checklist
Follow the steps to show what type of equipment and planning will be necessary.
10. Register for Your 1 Year Upgrade
The Syngress Solutions upgrade plan protects you from content obsolescence and provides monthly mailings, whitepapers, and more!

Neal O'Farrell
Tony Bautts
Eric Ouellet (CISSP)




1. 瞭解無線安全的限制

2. 建立資訊分類程序

3. 瞭解無線的廣播特性

4. 探索竊聽、攔截和偷聽技術

5. 設計和部署安全網路

6. 以駭客的思維方式思考

7. 閱讀入侵檢測策略

8. 設計和計劃成功的審計

9. 制定無線安全檢查清單

10. 註冊您的1年升級
Syngress Solutions的升級計劃可保護您免受內容過時的影響,並提供每月郵件、白皮書等。

Neal O'Farrell
Tony Bautts
Eric Ouellet(CISSP)