Configuring IPv6 with Cisco IOS


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The Complete Guide to Implementing IPv6 for the Cisco IOS

IPv6 offers many advantages over IPv4 including larger address space, hierarchical addressing, security, and mobility. IPv6 will eventually replace IPv4 in next-generation carrier networks, and adaptation of IPv6 to next-generation wireless networks is already under way. Configuring IPv6 for Cisco IOS reviews the IPv6 architecture and features while focusing on the practical aspects of IPv6 implementation, which include addressing and routing. This book explores several approaches to IPv6 transitioning since IPv4 networks will continue to exist for some time, requiring efficient and stable IPv4 / IPv6 internetworking.

  • Review the Cisco Internetwork Operating System (IOS)
    See how to connect to the router, enter configuration commands, and use shortcuts.
  • Understand the Benefits of IPv6
    Find comparisons of IPv4 to IPv6 and learn about increased addressing hierarchy support, simplified host addressing, improved scalability and security, better mobility, and more.
  • Analyze the IPv6 Headers
    Compare the IPv6 and IPv4 headers, see how authentication and encryption are incorporated into the IPv6 standard, and understand the Hop-by-Hop options.
  • Review the Basics of IPv6 Addressing
    Understand the different fields within the header: Version field, traffic class field, flow label, payload length, next header, and the rest.
  • Verify Addressing Configuration
    Review the available show commands that are specific to IPv6 and verify LAN and WAN addressing.
  • Learn New Routing Protocols
    See how routing protocol versions have been developed to support dynamic routing on IPv6 networks.
  • Monitor and Troubleshoot IPv6 Networks
    Use show and debug commands and analyze IPv6 traffic.
  • Review IPv6 Deployment Strategies
    Understand the various deployment methods and configure IPv6 over dedicated links.
  • Understand IPv6 Security
    See how the inclusion of IP Security extension headers in IPv6 provide cryptographic security services.
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Chapter 1 Introduction to the Cisco IOS

Chapter 2 Introduction to IPv6 Architecture

Chapter 3 The IPv6 Headers

Chapter 4 Explaining IPv6 Addressing

Chapter 5 Configuring IPv6 Addressing

Chapter 6 Routing IPv6 for the Cisco IOS

Chapter 7 Deploying IPv6 on the Cisco IOS

Chapter 8 IPv6 Security

Chapter 9 Monitoring and Troubleshooting IPv6 Networks