The Nikon Autofocus System: Mastering Focus for Sharp Images Every Time

Mike Hagen

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  • 出版日期: 2015-11-27
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  • ISBN-13: 9781937538781
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With today’s advanced camera technology, achieving focus on a photographic subject seems like it should be a straightforward task. But many photographers know that it can be deceptively difficult, especially when shooting moving subjects or in challenging situations. Now, there is a complete guide available for Nikon shooters that will help them get tack-sharp photos every time.

In The Nikon Autofocus System, photographer Mike Hagen, author of the bestselling The Nikon Creative Lighting System, takes his deep knowledge of Nikon technology and concentrates on its focus features. In this book, which covers all current Nikon DSLR models, Hagen fully explains how Nikon autofocus works, including detailed discussions of all the autofocus modules, drive systems, and camera buttons and menus. He also devotes an entire chapter to explore how focus works with Nikon’s lenses.

Armed with this general knowledge, Hagen then dives deep and offers camera setups, settings, and best practices for specific field techniques that address the photographic genres that are notoriously challenging for focus: action and sports (indoor and outdoor), wildlife (including birds in flight), and macro photography. He also covers genres such as portrait, landscape, underwater, low-light, and street photography. Hagen not only advises on the best ways to set up the camera and focus systems, he gives helpful tips and tricks throughout the book.

The Nikon Autofocus System also covers:
  • Live view autofocus methods and settings
  • Achieving great focus in video
  • AF tracking
  • AF shooting styles, such as back-button AF and shutter-release AF
  • HDR, panoramas, and other techniques for shooting with a tripod
  • An entire chapter on additional terms and techniques, such as hyperfocal distance, calibrating lenses, focus and flash photography, and more



在《尼康自動對焦系統》一書中,攝影師麥克·哈根(Mike Hagen)專注於尼康技術的對焦功能,他是暢銷書《尼康創意照明系統》的作者,並對尼康技術有深入的了解。在這本涵蓋所有當前尼康數位單鏡反光相機型號的書中,哈根詳細解釋了尼康自動對焦的工作原理,包括對所有自動對焦模組、驅動系統、相機按鈕和菜單進行詳細討論。他還專門探討了尼康鏡頭的對焦方式。


- 即時取景自動對焦方法和設定
- 在視頻中實現良好對焦
- 自動對焦追蹤
- 自動對焦拍攝風格,如背部按鈕對焦和快門釋放對焦
- 使用三腳架拍攝的HDR、全景和其他技巧
- 一整章關於其他術語和技巧,如超焦距、校準鏡頭、對焦和閃光攝影等等