AutoCAD 2014 Beginning and Intermediate (Paperback)

Munir Hamad

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  • 出版日期: 2013-09-27
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1938549627
  • ISBN-13: 9781938549625
  • 相關分類: AutoCAD
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content<img src=''><br /><br />This book is the most comprehensive book you will find on AutoCAD 2014 – 2D Drafting. Covering all of the 2D concepts, it uses both metric and imperial units to illustrate the myriad drawing and editing tools for this popular application. Use the DVD to set up drawing exercises and projects and see all of the book’s figures in color. <I>AutoCAD 2014 Beginning and Intermediate</I> includes over 100 exercises or “mini-workshops,” that complete small projects from concept through actual plotting. Solving all of the workshops will simulate the creation of three projects (architectural and mechanical) from beginning to end, without overlooking any of the basic commands and functions in AutoCAD 2014.<br /><br /><b>BRIEF TABLE OF CONTENTS:</b><br />1: AutoCAD 2014 Basics. 2: Precise Drafting in AutoCAD 2014. 3: Modifying Commands Part 1. 4: Modifying Commands Part 2. 5: Layers and Inquiry Commands6: Blocks and Hatches. 7: Writing Text. 8: Dimensions. 9: Plotting. 10: Projects. 11: More on 2D Objects. 12: Advanced Practices - Part 1. 13: Advanced Practices - Part 2. 14: Using Block Tools and Block Editing. 15: Creating Text & Table Styles and Formulas in Tables. 16: Dimension & Multileader Styles. 17: Plot Style, Annotative, and DWF Files. 18: How to Create a Template File and Interface Customization. 19: Parametric Constraints. 20: Dynamic Blocks. 21: Block Attributes. 22: External Referencing (Xref). 23: Sheet Sets. 24: CAD Standards and Advanced Layers. 25: Drawing Review.<br /><br /><b>FEATURES</b> <br /><li>Designed for novice users of AutoCAD 2014. Most useful for “teach yourself” or instructor-led AutoCAD training in Level 1 or 2. No previous CAD experience is required</li><br /><li>Accompanied by a DVD featuring drawings, practice and finished plots, 4-color figures, etc.</li><br /><li>Includes over 100 “mini-workshops” and hundreds of figures that complete small projects</li><br /><li>Uses both English and metric units in examples, exercises, projects, and descriptions</li><br /><li>Covers three full projects (metric and imperial) for architectural and mechanical designs</li><br /><li>Helps you to prepare for the AutoCAD Certified Professional exam</li><br /><li>Instructor’s resources available for use as a textbook</li><br /><br /><br />sourceProduct Description


這本書是關於AutoCAD 2014 - 2D繪圖的最全面的書籍。它涵蓋了所有2D概念,並使用公制和英制單位來說明這個流行應用程序的各種繪圖和編輯工具。使用DVD設置繪圖練習和項目,並以彩色顯示書中的所有圖片。《AutoCAD 2014初級和中級》包括100多個練習或“迷你工作坊”,完成從概念到實際繪圖的小型項目。解決所有工作坊將模擬從頭到尾創建三個項目(建築和機械)的過程,不會忽略AutoCAD 2014中的任何基本命令和功能。

1:AutoCAD 2014基礎知識。2:AutoCAD 2014中的精確繪圖。3:修改命令第1部分。4:修改命令第2部分。5:圖層和查詢命令。6:塊和填充。7:書寫文本。8:尺寸。9:繪圖。10:項目。11:更多關於2D對象。12:高級實踐-第1部分。13:高級實踐-第2部分。14:使用塊工具和塊編輯。15:在表格中創建文本和表格樣式和公式。16:尺寸和多領導線樣式。17:繪圖樣式,注釋和DWF文件。18:如何創建模板文件和界面自定義。19:參數約束。20:動態塊。21:塊屬性。22:外部引用(Xref)。23:圖紙集。24:CAD標準和高級圖層。25:繪圖審查。

- 專為AutoCAD 2014的初學者設計。最適合自學或由導師帶領的1級或2級AutoCAD培訓。不需要任何CAD經驗。
- 附帶DVD,其中包含繪圖、練習和完成的繪圖、彩色圖片等。
- 包括100多個“迷你工作坊”和數百個完成小型項目的圖片。
- 在示例、練習、項目和描述中使用英制和公制單位。
- 涵蓋建築和機械設計的三個完整項目(公制和英制)。
- 幫助您準備AutoCAD認證專業考試。
- 提供教師資源,可用作教材。