Murach's JavaScript and Jquery ( 3/e) 快遞進口

Zak Ruvalcaba, Mary Delamater

  • 出版商: Mike Murach
  • 出版日期: 2017-02-01
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 620
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1943872058
  • ISBN-13: 9781943872053
  • 相關分類: JavaScriptjQuery
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Today, you ll find JavaScript and jQuery used everywhere on the web, from small individual sites to the largest commercial sites like Google, Amazon, and Facebook. That s why every web developer needs to have at least a basic set of JavaScript and jQuery skills.

And now, this one book presents the JavaScript and jQuery skills that every web developer needs...whether you re a web designer who s coming from a background in HTML and CSS or a server-side programmer who s coded in languages like PHP, C#, Java, and Python. Due to its unique, self-paced approach, this book works regardless of your experience. And when you re through learning from it, this book will become the best quick reference that you ve ever used.

To make this all possible, section 1 presents a 7-chapter course on JavaScript that will get anyone off to a great start, with a special focus on the skills you need for getting the most from jQuery. Then, section 2 presents all of the jQuery skills that you re likely to need, including how to create slide shows, image swaps, carousels, and to validate the data in to use plugins and widgets...and how to use Ajax and JSON to get data from a web server without reloading the web page.

At that point, you ll have a solid set of JavaScript and jQuery skills. Then, section 3 lets you expand your skill set as you learn how to work with date and time objects, browser objects, web storage, arrays, your own objects, regular expressions, and more. The last chapter takes your skills to the expert level as you learn how to use modules and IIFEs to build jQuery plugins.

Complete coding examples, practice exercises, and Murach s distinctive paired-pages format (each topic is presented in a 2-page spread with text and illustrations) all combine to let you tailor the pace and content to your personal learning style.


今天,你會發現 JavaScript 和 jQuery 在網絡上無處不在,從小型個人網站到像 Google、Amazon 和 Facebook 這樣的大型商業網站。這就是為什麼每個網絡開發人員都需要至少具備基本的 JavaScript 和 jQuery 技能。

現在,這本書提供了每個網絡開發人員所需的 JavaScript 和 jQuery 技能...無論你是從 HTML 和 CSS 背景轉行的網頁設計師,還是已經編寫過像 PHP、C#、Java 和 Python 這樣的語言的服務器端程序員。由於其獨特的自學方法,這本書適用於任何經驗水平的讀者。當你學完這本書後,它將成為你使用過的最好的快速參考資料。

為了實現這一切,第一部分提供了一個包含 7 章的 JavaScript 課程,讓任何人都能從中開始,特別關注你需要從 jQuery 中獲得的技能。然後,第二部分介紹了你可能需要的所有 jQuery 技能,包括如何創建幻燈片、圖片交換、旋轉木馬和手風琴...如何驗證表單中的數據...如何使用插件和小部件...以及如何使用 Ajax 和 JSON 從 Web 服務器獲取數據而不重新加載網頁。

在那時,你將擁有堅實的 JavaScript 和 jQuery 技能。然後,第三部分讓你擴展你的技能,學習如何使用日期和時間對象、瀏覽器對象、Web 存儲、數組、自定義對象、正則表達式等等。最後一章將把你的技能提升到專家級,教你如何使用模塊和 IIFEs 構建 jQuery 插件。

完整的編碼示例、練習題和 Murach 獨特的對開頁面格式(每個主題都以一個包含文本和插圖的雙頁面呈現)結合在一起,讓你可以根據個人的學習風格自由調整進度和內容。